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In the off-season we practiced against the newly formed Avalanche in Chicago.

We also took a trip to Latrobe, PA to practice against the All Americans.

We put people where they need to go and make sure there is a person to fill that spot if needed.

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If I were to play the rest of the PSP season with another team Chicago Evil would respect my decision. PBC: If someone wanted to contact you about playing the rest of the 2006 PSP season, what should they do? PBC: What tournament podium finishes have you been part of?

As of right now we have people playing with other teams for the PSP. Chicago 2004 Ten Man 2nd place – Detroit Fusion NEO 2004 Ten Man 1st place – Detroit Fusion IAO 2004 Open 5man 1st place – D’Effect LA 2005 D1 Xball 4th place – Detroit Fusion Orlando 2005 D1 Xball 3rd – Detroit Fusion More to come – Chicago Evil PBC: How did you get on your first national level team?

I have played with Danny Benetiz and Grant Butler for 3 years now.

I played with Ben Frederick on Outkast for a couple events in 03.

They are a bunch of sweet dudes that have seen their fair share of tournaments.

PBC: How do you guys go about setting up your game plans?

As for the NXL I think it’s a great idea to actually have winners at the end of the event, instead of some season that doesn’t mean anything but seeding points. Both of the leagues have a different type of skill, the quick paced running and gunning blowing peoples faces off before the coach tells your opponent that you’re coming skill of Xball and the game of patience and timing of 7man.

I have respect for both of these skills, yet I truly think it’s mind boggling that in Xball a point can last as little of 20seconds and that’s shooting out 5 players and hanging a flag and where 7man may take minutes to shoot 7 people and hang the flag.

I would hate to use the phrase “up and comer” as he has been playing Xball since 2003 and has enjoyed success with Tippmann Effect, Detroit Fusion and now Chicago Evil. Well my name is Chad, you should care because I’m rad.

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