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To me that’s not a bad thing (what’s better than getting a new Black Berry?! Keep in mind that during this process you don’t necessarily have to reload the same version of the OS that’s currently running on your Nuked Black Berry.

With the example I’m going through today, I’m actually going to revert to a slightly older operating system.

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The following process doesn't just work for Nuked Black Berrys.

You can also use it to clean the slate/reload/update the OS on a Black Berry that's in fine working order.

Step #1: Make sure your Black Berry IS NOT connected to your computer. You won't have a shortcut to this program on your start menu. Open your file browser, go to your C Drive (operating system drive) and navigate your way through the folders to Program Files App Loader.

Once you are in the App Loader directory, double click on the Loader application shortcut.

With a Nuked Black Berry, That occurs when the device is in the initial start-up part of it's reboot sequence. waiting for that step in the reboot sequence where you have a tenth of a second to hit Next before you lose your chance) is to simply pull the battery from the Black Berry.

With the battery pulled, connect the Black Berry to the USB connector and as SOON as you see USB-PIN: UNKNOWN hit Next.

The GOOD NEWS is that this problem likely won't affect you unless you're out and about looking for trouble and you can always fix a Nuked Berry (at least from my experience! You just need to know a couple of little tricks and have 45 minutes of free time…

The fundamental problem with the Nuked Berry scenario is that because the device is stuck in a permanent reboot sequence or loop, when you attach it your computer via USB cable it simply connects and disconnects over and over and over again (you’ll just keep hearing that USB detected/unplugged noise) as the Black Berry turns on/off.

Over the past year I have arrived at this Nuked Berry scenario a few different ways: from installing a Black Berry theme that wasn’t appropriate for my device/OS version; from installing beta software that was majorily glitchy; and one time during an OS upgrade the installation failed (I think I had too many apps installed and the device ran out of memory when trying to reload the backed-up apps).

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