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More specifically, those singles who cited "guacamole" in their profile received on average 144 percent more messages than those who didn't.Other foods that also got a shout out from the study were "potatoes" being the next most sexy food item with a 101 percentage increase in DMs, followed by "chocolate" with 100 per cent.These members are actively looking to find love in South Africa! We have new South African singles joining every day where tons of connections are made each day!

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This argument reared its head again of late in a piece in s September issue, “Tinder and the Dawn of the Dating Apocalypse.” Most of the story is based on man-on-the-street-style interviews that presume most people use Tinder for sex and then confirm most people use Tinder for sex via interviews with people who use Tinder for sex.

Keep up with this story and more The author, Nancy Jo Sales, is missing the point.

But this lament ignores two important elements: what dating was like before online dating, and what online dating is like now. These options were so terrible that we all endured months-long “droughts” in which eligible single people dated no one and instead watched VHS tapes and ate popcorn every Saturday night.

Tinder has a terrible reputation for being a “hookup app,” but let’s remember that before it came along the top two online-dating options were Match and Ok Cupid.

According online dating service Zoosk, it’s on your plate.

But it takes more than merely mentioning you like to cook in your opening message.

However, singles were warned that dropping "fried chicken" in your profile resulted in 15 per cent decrease in messages (ok... Let's be real though, while we don't know how the testing methodology for this research was, anecdotal evidence would suggest these findings seem legit; who the hell wants to hang out with someone whose first love isn't food, let alone start a relationship with them?

What’s the secret to crafting a successful dating profile?

Gone are the days that you had to go to a bar, club or a coffee shop to find a date.

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