Sap error while updating the classification data

So we have standard Transactions mapped to Professional, Developer, ESS MSS Users, Warehouse worker, Shop floor user etc.This way we can look at their transaction assignment, executions and table changes to exactly identify, the type of user based on the type of transaction assigned to the user or executed by the user.If the user has access to SAP security functions, but has only executed SUIM reports then he should be an Employee for that particular year.

The document’s output data (DRAW-ADATUM) is entered immediately.

File name maximum length is the SAP standard value of 255 characters. When creating new document versions, you can configure which data should be used from the previous documents.

You do not want to do a guess work on SAP License type Assignment.

Optimal solution will be to assign, SAP License type based on the activities performed by the user.

SEAL Systems’ DMS Loader is a practical tool for filling SAP document management with simultaneous installation of suitable object links.

SEAL Systems loading processes allow for the safe, configurable import of documents and document data from external sources into SAP systems.Cloud enabled Audit BOT SAP License Optimization Tool’s approach, is deploy a plugin into all the SAP ABAP based systems and gather the data in one Central system.This way we can quickly count the unique users from multiple systems and also identify duplicate users based on the master data in the user master.But the general idea is that the person who is performing configuration and system administration, should be classified as professional SAP License type and the person who is just display or approving things in the SAP system should be employee.Cloud Enabled Audit Bot SAP License Optimization Tool’s approach, is to map the transactions to each SAP License type.Since SAP is a named user License classification, the unique user id has to take into account from multiple SAP systems and non-SAP Systems.

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