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For example, on Learn English Teens you're not using your full name.That's good because it protects your identity, and keeps your personal information safe.Scroll down for video The Famous In Love star's faded denim shorts featured fringe that fell nearly to the knee, and she accessorized with necklaces.

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I set my privacy settings very well, i don't allow people to look at my profile before they became my friends and i always think twice before accepting them as my friends.

Three years have gone by since Blended was released.

Live chat: If you cannot find what you're looking for, or need help completing an online form, our Customer Service Officers are available on live chat between 8.45am- 4.45pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

I never accept people whom I don’t know on Social Media.

I think it is important to be wise when offering personal information online, and thus to prevent any further crimes that have started taking place in the virtual spaces of developed technology a few years ago. Online safety is very important and something that everyone should think about, so it's good you found this page and left a comment! But the web site owner should have a rule for the bad people that play crazy online. I don't allow people to see my Facebook profile if they aren't my friends, I don't share my password with anyone, I don't write email, home address or my phone number on my profile and I don't post inappropriate photos...

You can start becoming safer online by reading this page carefully, and then you can watch this video about Safer Internet Day. Jonathan (Learn English Teens Team) I don't post my email adress, my number phone or my home adress, and when I'm on Twitter I don't post something like this, but I just write someting about my favourite bands, and on Google I have a page and there I just post quotes, so I think I'm safe on Internet :) I don't hide anything. I think it's very important to protect yourself because there are many bad people online.

But he couldn’t because my Facebook account can only seen my friends and Friends of Friends ‘s can only send friend request. These are the kind of people who tend to enjoy bullying and annoying others, believing that what they're doing is harmless for online complete strangers, vice versa, although these people might not be irritating in face-to-face situations! Make sure that this information is kept private on any website you register on.

Best wishes, Jo (Learn English Teens Team) Social networks are, probably, the root of some crimes.

I make sure that I don't provide my email ID to whichever site wants it. I also don't like to chat for long periods on the internet, because sitting on the chair and staring at the computer screen makes me extremely bored.

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