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Soon after, the government of Kano State ordered an investigation into the emirate’s finances.

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The first recalled the dethronement of Sanusi II’s grandfather as a cautionary tale, warning him against “arrogance”.

It also made accusations of the emirate spending money “squandered [from] the treasury on exotic cars, unnecessary ‘restructuring’ of the palace, frequent foreign travels, chartered flights, customised sets of Christian Louboutin spiked shoes and Moroccan costumes, Internet bills, among others”.

Sizani Ngubane, founder of Rural Women’s Movement of South Africa, member of IAW, is the 2018 Woman of Distinction Awardee, an award given by the NGO CSW/ NY Committee. Ngubane will be the keynote speaker for the NGO CSW62 Forum Consultation Day Sunday, 11 March and will receive her award at the Reception, Tuesday, 13 March.

We are on a mission to replace anti-science Congresswoman Barbara Comstock on the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee.

In a speech last month, Sarkin Kano criticised the poverty of northern Nigeria and “the ascendancy of the most conservative viewpoints” in the region.

This drew the ire of several elites, some of whom called for Sanusi II’s deposition.

The second went further in accusing Sanusi II of financial recklessness.

It detailed allegations of expenditure on travel, exotic cars and internet bills amounting to several billions of naira.

“Other Muslim nations have pushed forward girl-child education. “We have adopted an interpretation of our culture and our religion that is rooted in the 13 century mindset that refuses to recognise that the rest of the Muslim world has moved on.” The reactions to this criticism were swift.

Professor Ango Abdullahi, who chairs the Northern Elder’s Forum, responded by arguing that the North is in fact at an advantage compared to the rest of the country in terms of “population, proportion and resources”.

He accused the leader of hypocrisy for living flamboyantly while posing as a defender of the poor.

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