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Inflation-adjusted annuities are available but the payouts are significantly lower and I feel the competition is not as good.One alternative is to start small and ladder additional annuities as you age.

At the beginning of the 21st century, a new social arrangement of work poses a series of questions and challenges to scholars who aim to help people develop their working lives.

Given the globalization of career counseling, we decided to address these issues and then to formulate potentially innovative responses in an international forum.

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The life-design framework for counseling implements the theories of self-constructing [Guichard, J.

Three years ago, I saw Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) patients insisting that the name of the disease needed to be changed. For a quick overview, click here to see the list of 57 articles labeled Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness.

There are two options to protect you in case of an early death – either a “cash refund” or “20-year guarantee” feature: Since my wife and I don’t have any pensions to look forward to, one way to create our own pension is to buy a fixed immediate annuity.

I used their quote calculator to see what I could get right now if I was 50 years old and with the 20-year minimum payout.

I took a picture of the ad, the payout rates are below: The specific product is a fixed immediate annuity where you pay them a lump sum and received regular monthly payments until you die.

It is called the AARP Lifetime Income Program (guaranteed by New York Life and only endorsed by the AARP).

The life-designing model for career intervention endorses five presuppositions about people and their work lives: contextual possibilities, dynamic processes, non-linear progression, multiple perspectives, and personal patterns.

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