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It’s quite frustrating really but other than some of those constraints I really had just thought about it for a moment, I managed to meet, flirt, and connect with this really pretty girl in a local Starbucks by simply getting out of my house and being social whereas on a dating app, she would most likely not give me the time of day due to a whole list of factors such as the thing I’ve mentioned above about being overwhelmed with matches and endless “heys” that she can’t get back to or just the superficial things about my dating profile such as the pictures not being high quality or interesting enough like Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram or even my bio not being cool enough or whatever.

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If you can do 90 days, I recommend you try but, if you prefer to do a month, I challenge you to step up, level up, and just delete all your profiles and get out there and just meet women organically. -Rob Virges If you want any quick dating tips of the day, ask me any questions, what you want me to write about, get updates on our next post, Facebook Live Streams, or even just tell me how you’re doing, send me a shout out on: Instagram:@Mr.

Get out of the house, push yourself, and please send me an email and tell me about your experience with this challenge at [email protected], I’ll get back to you ASAP. VStateof Mind Snapchat: @Rogue Status34Facebook: Like our page, Craft of Charisma We’re here for you!

But, even after a few years of experimenting with it, I’ve decided to take a hiatus from all online dating platforms ranging from Tinder all the way to (just kidding, however I did experiment with this too at one point).

So why exactly am I taking a hiatus from the online dating world even though I had just talked about and mentioned all the positive things about it.

-by Rob Virges I admit the title of this post may sound a little biased towards why you shouldn’t do online dating or even dating apps for that matter.

It’s not meant to be biased or per say another one of those “Modern Romance” type analysis on the hookup culture and the state of dating today.To do this, every class in this program comes with practical exercises and goals, so you're not just learning about charisma - you're practicing it.Established in 2006, Love Systems has a 10 years of experience helping men around the world build successful dating lives, using our practical and effective approach.Love Systems is proud to announce Charisma Decoded, an online intensive course that will break down and decode the essence of natural charisma, and show you how to be the kind of naturally charming guy that women want to be with.Drawing from a decade of dating coaching experience, we designed this course to help regular men worldwide unleash their inner charisma.Most importantly, this course is about taking action to achieve real change in your life.

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