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He was a trainee primary school teacher from August last year until January, according to his Facebook profile.

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On the way, I noticed an adult arcade that I’d seen several times but never visited.

I knew from the guys at the office that the place offered sexy books and videos.

My libido had always been high, but now it was getting out of hand (pun intended! I was running around more and more with my pants sticking out in front as if I had a kid’s ball bat in there.

My heart wasn’t yet into finding a new girl because I was still kind of raw from the breakup with Janet. That night I had just dined at a Mexican restaurant near city- center, and was driving home, wishing for some kind of interesting diversion.

I quickly lit another and toked three or four times before putting it out. I walked in bravely, as if I knew what I was doing.

I browsed around the books and videos for a while, the explicit pictures and words making me harder all the time. But the good smoke was making my body more sensitive than usual — especially my cock.

Today, Judge Nicholas Cooke, QC, said he was giving Dulake 'a chance to salvage things from the wreckage' as he gave him an eight-month sentence suspended for two years.'I'm satisfied that the defendant was interested in anal sex and that's what he had in mind if he had met up with (the boy),' he added.'He told the pre-sentence report preparer that the jury, I paraphrase, had failed to understand the case and he was collecting material.'His interest was surely in anal sex with relatively young partners and he was tempted - mercifully nothing happened.'Judge Cooke said he was aware of 'the problems of people's sexuality' and 'the problems with the internet'.'The morals of websites like Grindr are nothing to do with me and I don't sentence you for anything to do with that,' he explained.'The use of such sites does carry risk because you don't know who is at the other end of the conversation.'The judge bemoaned the 'horrible horrible world' of the internet and said Dulake's offending 'has smashed his life up and hurt his parents to a very great degree'.'He's lucky he isn't going straight to prison because the reality is if he had done it he would be going to prison for many years,' said judge Cooke.'I have some sympathy with you because what happened is that you succumbed to temptation.'Judge Cooke imposed a Sexual Harm Prevention Order which bars Dulake from having unsupervised contact with boys under 16 for 10 years.

Dulake must also carry out rehabiliation activities for 30 days.

Although I’m not gay, like most guys I admire handsome cocks when I see ’em.

And, a couple times in my life I had taken advantage of opportunities to fool around with a guy.

A trainee primary school teacher, who tried to have sex with a 14-year-old boy he met on Grindr, has been spared jail because a judge ruled he 'succumbed to temptation'.

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