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Unfortunately, there wasn’t very much Scripture involved in writing this post.

10.) Don’t date if you are dependent on someone for things only God can provide.

Kakehi, who is also known as “The Poison Lady,” is said to have stashed some of her cyanide in a plant pot she later threw out.

The poison was found in the body of at least two of the men she was involved with and police reportedly found traces of cyanide in the rubbish at her Kyoto home.

When she got there she was married to Junaid Hussain, a British-Pakistani hacker who was killed in a drone strike in 2015.

In July the wife of a British Isis fighter, Aisha, told Sky News she had met Jones while in Isis controlled territory – she had since fled to a Kurdish refugee camp – and said she was unhappy and wanted to come home.

1.) Stop looking for “the one.” 2.) Date with a trajectory toward marriage. 4.) Have a list of values and don’t compromise them. I’m not against generally ‘wise’ principles and Christian concepts, but it seems like most self-called Christians like to invent their own stuff at the expensive of overtly heeding the vast wisdom that is already laid out for us in Scripture.

And by Scripture I mean a husband and wife knowing what their roles and responsibilities are in marriage and the qualities they should be looking for in the opposite sex, including running a household, sex, and family.

Kyoto District Court condemned Chisako Kakehi, 70, to the gallows for the murder of three men—including a husband—and the attempted murder of another, ending a high-profile case that has gripped the country.

Kakehi became notorious after using the poison cyanide to dispatch a number of elderly men she was involved with, drawing comparisons with the spider that kills its mate after copulation.

I was oddly surprised by the list as it’s decent, even if still white knighty. Of course, this type of discussion would rapidly devolve into arguing about love, respect, submission, sex, contraception, and other “divisive” issues.

Still, the commentary was decent on each point, with solid disclaimers against rule-y legalism that most Christians seem to have toward ‘dating’ or whatever. There’s only really the ‘generic’ Christian stuff like don’t date a non-Christian and have a pure mind.

US intelligence officers also blame her for publishing a list of 1,300 US military personnel's details, believed to have been hacked by her husband, for Isis militants to target.

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