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Diebold's lawyer says he will plead not guilty at a January 18 hearing.

The undercover agents had been chatting with Diebold since September after responding to an online sex ad he posted on Kik.

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They eventually arranged to meet at a Sheetz gas station last Friday, where Diebold was taken into custody.

According to the police affadavit, Diebold admitted that he had been the one chatting with undercover officers, said that he knew sexual activity with a 14-year-old was wrong, and said that he knew his "life was over" now.It is the advances in the cam tech that led us to the possibility to have a peep show in the comforts of your room. Com are proud of the product that it has and that it promotes and now thanks to you, the fans, it is possible to have an amazing site like this.Sex chat sites are all over the net, but it takes a certain combination of factors to create one that's going to keep you coming back.Diebold was initially seeking an underage companion; his ad sought an adult female for a consensual dom/sub relationship.But the chief was apparently undeterred when the "woman" who responded said she was actually just 14 years old and in the eight grade.Diebold—a 21-year police veteran and the town's police chief since 2007—had gone on paid medical leave following a fireworks accident last year, and he remains on paid leave now, according to Leechburg Mayor Wayne Dobos.

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