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Tourists going to Cuba are basically sold sand and hotel rooms, not Cuban culture.

The tourist industry is dominated by Europeans and Latin Americans who deprecate and minimize the value of African culture.

Some pages that highlight these cultures Each community maintains a certain identity through language, music, dance, religion, and membership organizations ranging from the cabildos (casa templos), self-help associations dating from the days of slavery and organized under African rules, to the West Indian Welfare Center, which just celebrated its 50th anniversary.

There is a wealth of culture for those discerning enough to look.

Our aim is to help you do that by putting up as much material as we can.

See our Table of Contents to access such major categories as Music, Author & Teachers on Afro Cuban culture, Organizations that teach courses and workshops or are involved in the promotion of the African cultures of Cuba, as well as a number of other categories.

In all, there are as of 2013 over 1,300 pages of information available on this web site.

The transmission of these African cultures is in peril.

There is still very little information available on Cuban web sites about carnavals, bands playing (this is changing, see Live Music in Cuba), clubs (especially clubs oriented towards Cubans).

This dearth of information reaches truly abysmal proportions, even at major events such as the 1999 Havana Jazz Festival, where the playlist was only available two days before opening.

We do not view the Cuban Government as an enemy, it is solidly in place and will remain there.

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