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Then, get together online so that the two of you can open the gifts and letters together (well “virtually together” anyway). They are a heart-warming gift that just keeps on giving in important ways!

Here’s how it works: Right before you part ways, you write some letters that are to be opened based on the title.

Remember those slum books (also known as autograph books) that were popular years ago?

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In fact, this may just turn into one of those anniversaries you are still reminiscing about years later: So if you’re far apart and stuck for ideas (or short on life-size cardboard cutouts) here are 9 other creative ways you could celebrate a long distance anniversary…

Gather some friends who can go out with you (because you might not want to do this one alone or you’ll just end up feeling miserable), and then do something as a group that you enjoy doing with your special someone when you’re together.

The two of you can plan it, and even have a friendly competition (such as who comes up with the funniest or most romantic video.) Just make sure the competition stays friendly!

And while we’re talking about videos, check out Tine Tags (pronounced “tiny” tags).

With this gift, you can celebrate your relationship not just on your anniversary but also throughout the time that you are apart. It would be good to have two devices handy— one for viewing the movie and another one for video chatting.

If a virtual dinner date is possible, what else can you do online together? This way, you can simply watch the movie like being on the same couch.Check in with each other from time to time while you’re out.Send them photos or videos, or dial them in for a live chat Make your virtual dinner date extra special by paying attention to ambience and planning.You and your special someone can rip out a page from an old-school slum book or find one to use online.And of course, you can always invent the questions.Even if one of you isn’t present during the evening (hello, different time zones) you can still make it date-like by including favorite foods, drinks, and flowers!

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