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The same techniques are being used to con people on this site, learn what they are. The first thing we noticed on the homepage that caught our attention that this site was going to be a sham was that they claimed that they were "voted the #1 dating site of 2015".This is hilarious because who specifically voted for this site as the number one dating site for 2015?

This is just evidence to prove that without a doubt these women being pawned off as real female members on Free Hookup are nothing but phony women.

The terms and conditions are the final nail in the coffin for Free Hookup

But what billing are they talking about since they state that the credit card is only to activate your FREE account and to provide age verification.

Well you actually do get charged, you get charged $118.43 per month (see evidence below)!

Free Hookup is connected to a site that we exposed last week called Sex, and another site called

Othe newer scams connected with this site include, Local Asian, Ultra, Local, Bang, Milf Bang, Bang and Cheaters

In the terms and conditions they clearly outline that they create fake profiles, use automated instant messages, automated emails and also admit that you can never physically meet these people in person.

Read the terms below or read them on their site section #10. All the evidence is stacked up against them, this site is an illegal criminal operation, avoid it!

These people are paid to create fictitious profiles and then use a specific type of computer software program that is designed specifically to send instant messages to free members of their dating service.

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