Single pregnant dating the baby isnt mine

he says he has never lied but obviously I have proof and he has no interest in anything but going out and getting drunk with friends..he just wont grow up and I doubt he will tbh I have decided to go it alone I already have a gorgeous 4 year old that I have brought up on my own and I dont want the wrong people around my children. im just wondering if anyone else is anyway near my situation or if anybody agrees with me thanks x I am on my own with my 5 month old son.

Even though he was planned I didn't plan on his dad freaking out as soon as I was pregnant and leaving me to do it all alone.

I am still in contact with his dad but he is totally useless and unreliable. I think you will do the best thing for your kids and you and that is fine.

His attitude being if I didnt want to be with him (as I called off us dating before I found out) then why would I want him to be involved and I explained I felt it was his decision to make, not mine.

Apart from the night I told him when he text me a couple of questions I have not heard from him at all.

I was with someone not for a long time unplanned pregnancy we had already split but he told his mum we were on a break..

it seems he isnt actually a nice person as he makes himself come across his mum got in contact with me he has been lying to her about me and used my unborn child to threaten her which I am utterly disgusted about..

Hope the pregnancy is going well and congratulations.

Xx I'm in the same situation with my first baby due in January - not long now!

But if I was to get child maintenance from him would he need to be on the birth certificate (giving him parental rights) or would him paying it give him parental rights?

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