Who is nick jonas currently dating

He had a short lived crush on Maria, the pizza girl along with Kevin and Joe.Nick tried to impress her by singing her a song they wrote for her.The episode ends with her and Nick walking on the beach and having a great time. In The Secret, Macy is frustrated about having to keep the relationship a secret from Stella and the others, until Big Man's niece Kiara finds out about their relationship and gets Nick to write a song for her/about her.

News."So cute," Nick said as he hilariously mocked us for gushing about the new Hollywood couple, but even he has to admit that Gigi and Joe are pretty great together."I like them together. But also noted that now is not the time for any of that.

Jonas also touched on hitting the stage with Gigi's bestie Taylor Swift over the weekend, when he surprised fans at her New Jersey concert."It was great.

We have not performed together in six years, and to get back up on stage with her at her show in my hometown stadium—I grew up 10 minutes away from there—was a really special moment," Nick shares."There's nothing like 65,000 people singing your song back to you and Taylor!

Born on September 16, 1992, Nick Jonas is a famous American actor, producer, singer, and a songwriter.

He is known as the serious one, and rarely smiles, as when talking to a girl he's crushing on, Stella, Macy, and his brothers were surprised to see him smiling.

It is also revealed in episode six that he is just "three points shy of a genius".

In Band's Best Friend, Macy is excited when Stella gives her a chip dip spot that looks like Nick, saying that the chives "reflect his intense demeanor".

She also notes how a stain on the floor looks like him. When Macy arrives in LA to spend the summer with the boys and with Stella, Nick says it's good to see her and they hug.

When he realizes she has a boyfriend, he leaves her gig early, deeply hurt.

However, he still lets her record the song with him, and is pleased when he finds out that she is now single, having broken up with her boyfriend ("Wrong Song").

He belongs to White ethnicity and his nationality is American.

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