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Click it.” So, I tap the link and a full blown Uber app opened up inside the chat.To me, the exciting thing about chat is not just that it’s so freaking popular, but also that now it’s becoming a platform for other apps and other experiences, kind of like the way that my Mac here became a platform for software, my web browser became a platform for software, my i Phone became a platform for software. Chatfuel is a company, a platform, actually, that allows you to build a full featured chatbot in less than seven minutes.

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You never get to see what happens when you’re shown multiple images. Let me ask you this–what I tend to do is when there’s a use case, I go and create a bot for that use case. So, I know that for example with you guys, I use Swifttype for search on my site. I could create a bot that does nothing but let you search for the right interview. It’s not about designing a single flow and just pushing it into production.

I don’t have this up yet, but by the time this interview is up, I’ll have a special place where we can talk more about bots. You have to have the CRM system and you know you slice and dice your users into different cohorts so you can design drip campaigns for communication.

Frankly, if I cared enough, I could have said no, just email me receipts. Take a look at We Chat or LINE ecosystem, the way they develop. I think there’s definitely a danger that Facebook could start shifting things around, just like they said all your fans on Facebook are your fans. So, those app creators will have not just a buy button, but a contact us button or a schedule a phone call, schedule a demo button. As soon as you hit submit, it goes on your calendar so you don’t forget. So, for example, the ad that we ran with Tech Crunch to promote their tickets was about–tap on the video to have it full screen. So, using a bot, you can jump into the same chatroom as your favorite celebrity and people would go nuts about it. She’s saying, “That’s my bot.” But then when her bot asks them, her fans, questions. ” I feel like there’s more of a human contact there, probably because of the context, right? The other thing is that I know a lot of people are listening to us and saying, “I can survey my audience via email.” It’s not the same.

So, you basically onboard to your ecosystem and then you provide the whole infrastructure. People are actually transferring money to each other. And then there is one more layer which is about how do you reach out to all those people with your relevant information? This is what we call personal communication at scale. What you mean by that–here’s an advantage of chat versus email because of the infrastructure around chat. If they respond with an answer, they can just hit a button to respond or they can type something in and that happens instantly and the bot takes it, collates it and organizes it in a way that I understand what people have responded with. You can use Facebook to reach out to fans if your business has a fan page. But it seems like maybe you can say the average American installs zero apps, but to stay that on average it’s zero, I would skew it just by installing two a week. I don’t want to underestimate the fact that–I don’t want to overstate this idea. To build a chatbot, it’s like the lowest possible friction at the moment. You can have Facebook where you supply your ads and then you lead them to your chatbot and then you complete your transaction always in this ecosystem and it’s super easy. We can actually see more and more SMBs leveraging it. There’s something that you said I want to disagree with because I tested it and maybe I’m wrong. But first, I’ve got to tell people about my sponsor. Here’s the cool thing–do you know Acuity Scheduling? The reason they want to do that is to answer questions, to get people to understand what the software can do, to maybe do a demo. It goes on my calendar with your phone number and your Skype name so I don’t forget and I can contact you right away. The bot messages you proactively so you don’t have to hit sign up. : That means she could, using Chatfuel, she could chat with her people and they could actually talk to her in real time all of them at once or what you can do is–and this may not be a good fit for her, but again, using Chatfuel, you can bucket your users into separate groups. It’s about making sure that people feel that they matter. There’s something about the fact that when you get an email and the email says, “How old are you?

” I didn’t even have a chance to uncheck that box because I was moving so fast, but that’s how much Pay Pal believes in Facebook Messenger as a communication medium. The first app that they’re going to be installing is going to be their messaging app. Is that really one of the reasons why messaging is going to be so big and why we should be creating bots on messaging apps, that the next billion people are coming online? Sometimes I actually would have a lot of back and forth and they’d give up on it. I told it specifically when I was willing to do interviews and they gave me this embed code that I put on my site on a single page that I now send to guests and I say, “Dmitry, here’s a link, book it yourself.” Now you come to my site. You just see Andrew’s got this really beautiful calendar on his site. The Facebook team is constantly working on optimizing this experience. More and more features of Facebook infrastructure gets integrated into all of it. So, Facebook is actively listening to the feedback and it’s getting better. Expectations were inflated because a lot of people expected the AI part to be some sort of movie where you have another person actually talking to you. Another one is celebrity Christina Milian actually selling her autographs through her chatbot through her fans, which is like super cool. : So she promoted it to her fans and they loved the way she did it. She went like, “Hey, guys, it’s my birthday today and I’m launching my chatbot. ” The answers would be, “I’m in my 20s, in my 30s, in my 40s,” and people would tap on them. The top question would be to know if she was single. : She’s doing a lot of stuff to also engage with her fans.

They intentionally, I believe, made it so easy that I didn’t even have a chance to stop it. : For them, it’s not going to be about like purchasing things at first, but later on, of course. I’ve noticed that there are some apps that are expensive and they take a little bit of getting used to, little questions before they get started, before people actually get started and use them. You pick the time and date that works for you in your time zone. Who is ready when they’re scrolling through their newsfeed to message somebody? There are a few more ad formers that are in place already. What I’m trying to say is everyone has to understand it is still very early days. Since then, the team is constantly improving things. Go ahead and play with it.” People would go ahead and play with the chatbot and the flow that she designed was just great. By doing that, they would segment themselves in one of the buckets pretty much. She would answer saying, “Yeah, I’m single raising my daughter, what about you? She’s doing videos and exclusive audio, so she sings. They recently built this feature which is called chatrooms. For some reason, when I get a chat message, even though I know it’s from a bot, that says, “How old are you?Messaging is becoming a platform for software and I’m excited to hear how today’s guest is building chat experiences already and where he thinks chat experiences are going. So I’ve been telling you a lot about him but I didn’t introduce his name. Maybe it’s that less than seven minutes part that’s made it so–actually, that’s not it.It’s the virality and ease of use that’s made it so popular. A lot of times they launch multiple things at once and they’re buried inside one article, so it’s like blah buried inside of blah.We’re going to find out how he got here, how many people are using it. So, this is like the first bot that launched for Facebook right after the F8 last year. I remember when that came out where I hit a button and suddenly Tech Crunch was sending me the latest articles into Facebook Messenger. So, you don’t feel like, “There’s this new great thing coming,” the way you just described it. I feel like your blog is good for reading about what you guys are capitalizing on, which features, right?We’ll find out if he actually has any profits or revenue from this business and so much more and also where this business is going, where the chat industry is going. And basically what it does, it can answer questions like who’s Elon Musk and send me the latest news about Elon Musk and then it subscribes you to the most relevant information. I then muted it because I didn’t want an alert every time I got a message, but I was able to go in and read articles. I think your blog does a good job, but you guys aren’t–you’re not sexy enough. So, that is fun but it’s not like a Tech Crunch-type fun article.So, basically this is where like social networks are actually controlling what your users see. Isn’t the real problem that Facebook Messenger is going to say, “You know what, Andrew? I’m going to get rid of you.” Or, “Andrew, I think you’re selling something we don’t like today. To your point about email, actually Gmail now controls this with their tabs. It’s not about companies prohibiting you to reach out to their users. Basically what I’m saying is the challenge here is we are in their hands. We are dependent as any third-party platform building on top of a platform. I remember when Twitter started to take off and Leo Laporte, whose podcast I loved, I was on it, the guy who runs This Week in Tech, he said, “You know what? Then he said, “I’m going to take all my people and we’re going to go to Then unfortunately that community failed because for all of the dangers of these platforms, there is huge upside in being a part of them because that’s where people are. If we want to live in the world that’s growing, we have to accept that you know what? And just like you said, we think that email is fully in our power, but more and more it’s in Gmail’s power, Apple’s power, to some degree Yahoo’s power, right? : So, I think in November Facebook launched this native Messenger payments program. I find this experience to be absolutely amazing, like you highlighted. But then this email, the open rate for email is about 10% to 30% if it’s a good email list and the CTR for email is about 1.5%, which is like totally different for Messenger, where open rates are 90%. Eighty percent response rate plus 40 to 50 if it’s a crappy interaction. The person clicks the button and they see a calendar full of available times and dates in their time zone. If they can’t show up later in the day, they hit reply on the calendar reminder and say, “Andrew, I can’t do it,” which means my schedule is super-organized. If you want 45 days to try this to see how many more customers you can get in touch with, to see how many more sales you can close, to see how much more you can understand about your customers, I urge you to go check out this special URL where you’re going to get 45 days for free. ” and you just get to click one of the bubbles and say how old you are. Also, when we talk to our users, a lot of them said that they feel like they are invested in this relationship, meaning that by providing their data, they know that this data will be utilized. This is where you see all the conversations that happen between your bot and your users.

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