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Woody [Harrelson] of course is trying to top her.”Beyond her quirky presence and high energy, Lula also provides the bulk of the movie’s meta-commentary—one of its biggest value adds over the original.Lula herself points out the awkward “token woman” dilemma early on, introducing herself to the group as “the girl Horseman,” and she doesn’t stop there.Just as everyone starts to panic, Lula shucks her coat and starts spouting science jargon like a pro.

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People who knew before everyone else have called it odd, weird, random, and existent.

“He’s just one of my best friends,” the actress told PEOPLE at Showtime’s Emmy Eve Soiree on Sunday. I will probably get slightly annoyed and looking for a moment of quiet and solitude, which I will not get,” she joked.

The sequel to the 2013 movie follows the Four Horsemen as they try to expose a corrupt tech mogul with the help of Mark Ruffalo’s FBI agent Dylan Rhodes.

Their plans get interrupted when a new bad guy, played by Daniel Radcliffe, forces them to steal a powerful computer chip using their magical trickery.

As the group prepares for a high-speed chase in another scene, Lula balks as one of her male counterparts asks if she knows how to ride a motorcycle.“There’s a line in there about the motorcycle: ‘Did you ask any of the guys that question? “That was not in the script; she [Caplan] just ad-libbed that.”And unlike the previous movie, which set its female Horseman up as the object of desire for not one but .

She intently flirts with Jack Wilder (Dave Franco)—and really, who can blame her?But her advances are more idiosyncratic than sexual.Lula’s no femme fatale—she’s just a talented, smart girl who knows what she wants and is prepared to voice her desires. The defining moment for Lula and Wilder’s relationship—as well as Lula’s relationship with the audience—comes when Wilder tells her that when he gets close to women, he tends to leave with their wallets.From the start, director Jon Chu had a different sort of role in mind for Caplan—both on-screen and behind the scenes. She could “let the audience know that we’re in on the fun of our movie, and the ridiculousness of our movie.”Sure, at first blush, her character and Fisher's have a few similarities: both Lula and Henley, for example, make their first appearance in stunts that trick their audiences into believing they died.But Lula quickly defies expectations—first with her impish personality and ability to repeatedly outwit Eisenberg’s J.The new movie also stars returning cast members Dave Franco as Jack Wilder, Jesse Eisenberg as J.

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