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Daddy Bigbucks wants to produce a TV Show about the life in Strangetown without the knowledge of the residents, with you as the protagonist. Perhaps things that where never meant to be seen by an ordinary individual. This is a reference to the Happy Days episode "Hollywood, Part 3," where the character Fonzie jumps over a confined tiger shark while riding on water-skis. There are two additional skin tones which can not be selected. They were used in the previous game, The Urbz: Sims in the City, by using the Bod-Mod Booth. (1 byte in memory) Most palettes up to 57 look decent as a skin color, even though they were probably never intended to be used as such. A cutscene of Dusty Hogg on his motorcycle jumping over a shark pool.* Sim Valley General Hospital-The medical care center. * Country Cafe-Here you can eat, gambles, and ride mechanical bulls. Here you can have your own vacation hut as a second home.

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to link up use the computer in the Sim Valley Public Library.

=============================================== I T E M S L I S T I N G =============================================== APPLIANCES: * Gagmia Simore Espresso-$350 * Positive Potential Microwave-$250 * Arctechnology 2-Door Refrigerator-$1,650 * Sno-Time Refrigerator-$525 * Dialect Range and Stove-$440 * Epicurious Gourmet Stove-$1,730 * Pyro Inferno Atom Burner Oven-$4,000 * Junk Genie Trash Compactor-$750 * Vending Machine-$1,270 DECORATIVE: * Manila-100 Marine Aquarium-$335 * Poseidon's Adventure Aqarium-$950 * Prognoss Family Sized Crystal Ball-$2,500 * Potted Jade Houseplant-$160 * Potted Rubber Houseplant-$120 * Baroque Mirror-$450 * Shaker Floor Mirror-$650 * Giant Tiki Head-$1,300 * Venus Fly Trap-$1,190 * Tropical Birdcage-$650 * Roman Statue-$500 * Mummy Sarcophagus-$717 * Modern Sculpture-$1,095 * Lifesize Alien Prop-$799 * Zen Fountain-$700 * Mannequin-$399 * Suit of Armor-$915 * Trophy Case-$750 * Guillotine-$950 * Chainsaw Chicken-$180 ELECTRONICS: * Plunkett Home Casino-$499 * Viva Lost Wages Home Casino-$899 * Brahma 5000 Behemoth Computer-$2,500 * Moneywell BSC-100 Computer-$550 * Newton's Apple Pinball Machine-$1,800 * Fire Smart Fire Detector-$450 * Doom Vox Boom Box Stereo-$650 * Zimantz Unity Stereo-$650 * Soma Electronics Plasma Television-$2,500 * Trottco RGB Ulrta Television-$500 * Electrix Technics Telsa Coil-$1,400 * Video Arcade Machine-$1,250 * Jesse James Burglar Alarm-$650 * Monochrome Television-$150 * Robot Monkey Butler-$3,999 * Skratch N' Spin DJ Starter Pack-$650 FURNITURE: * Denizen Cane Bamboo Bed-$900 * Amberson's Magnificent Sleigh Bed-$750 * Amberson's Magnificent Double Bed-$1,400 * Spartan Special Bed-$275 * Tyke Nyte Bed-$550 * Denizen Cane Bamboo Chair-$650 * Country Class Chair-$150 * Work-Bunst All Purpose Chair-$80 * Back Slack Recliner Chair-$250 * Denizen Cane Bamboo Recliner-$750 * Plaid Recliner-$700 * Zebra Recliner-$610 * Biker Sofa-$50 * Cheap Eazzze Sofa-$180 * Country Class Couch-$450 * The Wally Whitman Repose Sofa-$1,100 * Zebra Faux-Fur Sofa-$820 * Ster Life Bathroom Countertop-$50 * Ster Life Bathroom Counter and Sink-$150 * Tiled Countertop-$800 * Tiled Countertop with Sink-$180 * DTS Wood Countertop-$100 * DTS Wood Countertop with Sink-$200 * Pinegulcher Dresser-$175 * Amorous Inc.

Mann) * Become Pals With Nora (Relationship 10%) * Attend General Store Auction(5pm To 7pm) Mission 4: Clear The Roadblock (Activation: Talk To Dusty Hogg) * Calm Dusty Hogg (Relationship 25%) * Return Dusty Hogg's Missing Helmet * Fix Dusty Hogg's Bike Mission 5: Get Some Wheels! * Mel Odious-He's part hippie and one part road-rage. * Hayseed Farm-Uncle hayseed's house and yours to for quite some time. * Burning Spoke Biker Bar-A popular bar with bikers, especially Dusty Hogg. * General Store-The general place to shop in Sim Valley.

Cheats =============================================== W A L K T H R O U G H =============================================== File 1: Mission 1: Meet Uncle Hayseed (Activation: Talk To Uncle Hayseed) * Befriend Your Uncle (Relationship 30%) * Give Uncle Family Photo Album Mission 2: Welcome To Sim Valley (Activation: Talk To Uncle Hayseed) * Find Something To Eat(Refrigerator Or Stove) * Take A Nap(Bed Or Couch) * Take A Shower Mission 3: Inherit The Barn (Activation: Talk To Uncle Hayseed) * Decorate The Barn With The Wooden Chicken * Bring Uncle's Broken TV To The Barn * Bring Uncle's Broken Fridge To The Barn * Move The Old Couch Into The Barn * Move The Bed Into The Barn Mission 4: Farmhand Blues (Activation: Talk To Uncle Hayseed) * Tune Up The Tractor * Fix The Old Refrigerator * Fix The Old Television Mission 5: Earn Some Simoleons (Activation: Talk To Uncle Hayseed) * Mow The Lawn * Get A Promotion File 2: Mission 1: Escape Of The Chickens(Activation: Talk To Uncle Hayseed) * Bring 8 Chickens To Your Uncle * Find Detective Dan Mission 2: Shopping Time (Activation: Talk To Uncle Hayseed) * Sell The Old Couch To The Bartender * Buy A Shower * Place Shower In The Barn Mission 3: Serve The Public (Activation: Talk To Detective Dan D. Like compliments, dislikes intimidating =============================================== S I M V A L L E Y =============================================== The following is everywhere to visit in Sim Valley.

Toilet-$380 =============================================== C H E A T S =============================================== * Ninja-you can buy cheats from this ninja.

You can get the rosebud for 0 and it will give you back 00. She appears at her temple-thing beneath Imperial Estates on days 1, 8, 15, 22…

* Nicki-Knack's Bric-A-Brac-Sim Valey's trinket shop. It's runned buy Nicki Knack and has been for over 30 years. * Someshine Sands Beach-A small beach where you can build sand castles, play with beach balls, and enjoy strolls. to get there, use the small, black motor boat at the Sim Valley docks.

To unlock Paradise Island you'll to link up two games with the link cable.

Mann To Set Up A Sting (Relationship 60%) * Acquire The Camera(At Nicki Knack's Bric-A-Brac) * Get A Picture Of The Crime(At Uncle Hayseed's House) Mission 6: Summer's End (Activation: Complete The First 5 Missions) * Make 13 Friends * Earn 3 Promotions(Mad Scientist Or Cliff Diver) * Repair The Rocket * Move The Rocket To The Mansion(Circular Platform In The Backyard) *Note: When you complete the game, you won't be able to save afterwards so every time you play a completed game file you will start out just before you talk to Uncle Hayseed to end the game. He lives on his farm in Sim Valley and who knows whose older brother he is. He sells at his van at night and might be someone that you would want to steer clear of. Likes compliments, dislikes teasing * Nicki Knack-She has been running Sim Valley's trinket shop for over 30 years. * Flex-Dome Fitness Center-The place to go to build muscle.

=============================================== T H E R E S I D E N T S =============================================== * Dusty Hogg-The toughest guy in Sim Valley that just might like you if you can prove that you’re tough enough. The cause of it is sunshine, open ocean, and saltwater. Likes jokes, dislikes complaining and intimidating. You might want to keep the marble jokes to your self. After paying the 0 membership fee, you will be able to use the second story of the gym.

He's got all of Strangetown under his video surveillance and needs you to go around and stir things up enough to keep the audience interested.

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