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This is possible because linen is highly resistant to dye but cotton is not.

The repair was done so expertly that even under high magnification and close inspection none of the STURP team had noticed any difference.

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Understand that (i) there was no record of such a repair; (ii) the STURP members were not looking for an expert repair; (iii) the image area has always been the main subject of study; (iv) none of the STURP members are textile experts; (v) textile experts concur that it was an exceptionally well-done repair; and (vi) a reweave is intended to not be noticeable even under close inspection.

The couple managed to get a scientific paper published and to present their findings at a respected conference.

Since the mid-1970's there has been intense interest in an ancient burial garment known as the Shroud of Turin.

Purportedly, it is the burial shroud that Jesus was wrapped in before He was placed in the tomb provided by Joseph of Arimathea.

The radiocarbon dating was performed on a sample cut from one corner of the Shroud, in a portion where there is no image.

In the mid-2000's a husband and wife couple (who were not scientists) realized that photomicrographs (ultra-high resolution photos) taken in the late 70's by a member of the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP) showed that there was a previously unsuspected repair of the Shroud and that the entire sample was taken from the repaired section.

It is also focused on how to synthesize different approaches on areas being affected. Peat soils are formed from biochemical process on moderately decomposed vegetation by aerobic microorganisms.

It is mostly produced from soil surface layer with low amount of water that has been preserve during anaerobic conditions.

It is believed as medicinal plants that can be found in tropics growing on sandy and alkaline soils.

Calotropis procera contains chemicals that have been used for antifungal, anticancer and insecticidal activity. Zika virus is mainly spread by mosquitoes particularly female that is active during daytime to feed blood in order to lay eggs.

There is strong, even overwhelming, scientific evidence that the Shroud is genuine.

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