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We need the following "using" in the controller to perform CRUD operations: We create an instance of the User Repository interface in the User Controller and initialize the user repository in the constructor of the user Controller (User Controller.cs) as in the following:private IUser Repository _repository; We will use Scaffold templates to create a view for the CRUD operations.We use five scaffold templates, List, Create, Edit, Delete and Details.

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If you leave new comments, I’ll respond to those first, of course!

On Open, I am publishing a screen-cast series on writing recursive pure functional transforms, which is a powerful programming technique for transforming document-centric XML (such as Open XML Wordprocessing ML, XHTML, or ODT) into other forms of XML. I anticipate that there will be about 20 screen-casts before all is said and done. LINQ to XML for Java Script uses the same approach for good perf as LINQ to XML for .

But I’m turning over a new leaf – have some great non-Open-XML content to post here (as well as some Open XML content).

Also, as many of you have noticed, comments have not been working on this blog.

Proof-in-the-pudding is that I converted thousands of lines of code (of a preliminary version of the Wml To Html Converter) to Java Script.

This included the Formatting Assembler module, the List Item Retriever module, the Html Converter module, and more. However, because this was based on a half-baked Wml To Html Converter, I decided that I wanted to first polish those modules as written in C#, and then at some future point in time convert the finished modules to Java Script.

And I’m certain I’ll discuss things that I haven’t contemplated yet. First of all, I apologize for neglecting this blog for so long.

I’ve been super busy doing stuff at Open Xml, and after interacting there, haven’t had energy for blogging here.

One issue that many Open XML developers face when doing Open XML development in Java Script is the need for many of the important modules available in Open-Xml-Power Tools.

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