Dating tips after second date

Debriefing It’s a good idea to arrange to call a friend after your date.

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That’s definietly going to break the ice and increase the attraction for one another.

Preparing for it can take a lot of time, but have you prepared for what happens afterwards as well?

A lot of emotional energy is invested in going on a first date.

No matter how laid back you are, or how many times you’ve been on first dates before, it’s natural to hope that this will be the last first date you go on if you’ve found the right match for you.

However, I don’t recommend you go in a full suit, where you make her feel underdressed or uncomfortable.

Instead I recommend you guys go with something simple, but refined.Not only are you getting real tips from me , their going to be backed up by real women.I think too many times, guys are just too focused on what it is that his significant other wants, what they are looking for .Later, the guy tries to mold himself to fit those expectations, but what happens is you might come across as someone who is ingenue or someone fake, trying to fit her mold.Instead, figure out what you want, how do you want to be treated.That way it won’t go round and round in your head leaving you feeling a little clueless!

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