Range for using the infrared wireless port when updating a

You're forgiven for wondering which remote controls which device.

What with the TV, amplifier, Ti VO, Blu Ray player, maybe even the lighting - switching activities becomes a long...

If you own a Harmony Remote, you're probably aware that they can now control the Phillips Hue "connected bulb" - a wifi enabled but extortionately priced 0 LED lightbulb set.

Logitech has promised a software upgrade path for existing Ultimate users (especially given that you can’t even buy the Home edition outside of the US), but the upgrade has yet to materialize. Regardless of how many rooms you’re trying to throw signals out to, there’s a 15 device arbitrary limit.

You can overcome this by creating a custom device and teaching the codes for two or more devices in one, but it’ll take time.

Since it’s a proprietary RF signal, there’s no way to extend or repeat this. If your hub is going to going to be more than 30ft away from your secondary room, all is not lost.

Put the remote down – you can still use the Harmony smartphone app along with the techniques listed below to get some degree of multi-room control.

The only limitation in this case is that the same Wi-Fi network name must be used.

I ran into issues where I had multiple Wi-Fi networks to cover the whole house, and had previously named them differently so I could tell which was best for upstairs or downstairs.

The hub can operate independently of the hardware remote by pairing it with a smartphone app (and can be purchased separately for just ).

Note: The “Ultimate Home” series is a minor upgrade of the Ultimate, able to control some more smart home devices such as door locks, as well as integrating with IFTTT.

This can either be a dedicated cable run, or part of an existing 100MBit network.

For Gigabit network speeds, all of the twisted pairs in Cat5E or Cat6 cabling is used, so this would not be possible.

In that case, things get messy; you can’t pair a Harmony Ultimate Remote with two hubs, so you’d need to buy two full 0 remote and hub packages.

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