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They are blessed with two children, Grace (born November 2011) and Zach (born March 2013).

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Meiners, and Lewis Wallace); and (20) The Battle (Derek R. Part IV, Epilogue, contains the following chapter: (21) Editor's Review: What We Can Learn from Five Recent Books about the School-to-Prison Pipeline (Paul Kuttner).

Contains the following sections: About the Author; About the Contributors; and an Index.

Donate Brian came to know Christ as a child while serving in the church.

Later, he was led to evangelize and teach children the Bible.

Vaught); (14) The Birth of Hope: Education Inside and Outside a New Jersey Prison (Michael Satterfield); (15) Participatory Literacy Education Behind Bars: AIDS Opens the Door (Kathy Boudin); and (16) Progress: Education in Prison (Christopher Dankovich).

Part III, Transforming the Pipeline, contains the following chapters: (17) Grassroots Organizing and the School-to-Prison Pipeline: The Emerging National Movement to Roll Back Zero Tolerance Discipline Policies in U. Public Schools (Kavitha Mediratta); (18) Trouble to Triumph: Fighting for Education Equality as an Incarcerated Youth (Starcia Ague); (19) Restorative Justice Is Not Enough: School-Based Interventions in the Carceral State (Jane Hereth, Mariame Kaba, Erica R.

A trenchant and wide-ranging look at this alarming national trend, "Disrupting the School-to-Prison Pipeline" is unsparing in its account of the problem while pointing in the direction of meaningful and much-needed reforms.

The "school-to-prison pipeline" has received much attention in the education world over the past few years.

Donate Jorge and Gail serve in Colombia, focusing on the formation of Bible Expositors on a variety of fronts.

The preaching “minischools”–where pastors as well as laymen and women receive training and mentoring over a three-year period–continue to thrive and multiply in various locations throughout Central and South America.

Following Acknowledgments and the Introduction, Disrupting the School-to-Prison Pipeline (written by the editors), this book is comprised of four parts. " Restorative Justice in Boston Schools (A Conversation with Curtis Banner, Laurent Bennett, Janet Connors, Sung-Joon Pai, Hilary Shanahan, and Anita Wadhwa); and (8) Education (Elizabeth A. Part II, Education in Detention, contains the following chapters: (9) Tipping the Balance (Joseph Cambone); (10) Teaching "On the Inside": Lessons for Disrupting the School-to-Prison Pipeline (Douglas W.

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