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After you’ve embraced that declaration, try his three tips to get you through the holiday season with as little extra pounds as possible. “Well maybe that sweet potato casserole was just too good to pass up and you ate it like it was the last on the planet. “Just adjust your exercise routine for the next week or two by throwing in some extra cardio.

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The yuletide smile on her face melts into the picture of mortification as reality sets in—her backside is as wide as Santa’s! And of course, later in the month, you’d get your good parent’s card revoked if you didn’t personally check out the kids’ Halloween swag, right?

For many, the holiday feasting began in October with that yummy candy corn that hits the store shelves every fall. Did chocolate and peanut butter, and chocolate-and-caramel-covered cookie sticks always taste this good?

Mov Nat is an exercise philosophy that emphasizes movement skills, strength and conditioning and a mindset for practical and adaptable performance.

He also is a certified yoga teacher and master Reiki teacher.

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Thought I’d share with you tonight a fun idea for setting up a spooky HALLOWEEN PHOTO BOOTH! Add in a few cool props and they really have a great time posing for the camera!

In fact, the Komen Foundation reports that the two greatest risk factors for breast cancer are being a woman and getting older.

It makes sense then that as women approach their 40s, if they are not already exercising in some way, they begin after getting the OK from their doctor.

Women who engage in regular exercise or physical activity may have a lower risk of breast cancer than women who are inactive.

The American Cancer Society recommends about 2.5 hours of physical activity a week to lower overall cancer risk, and it does not need to be an intense workout. The reality is that women are at risk for breast cancer.

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