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I’ve built my own body to a point that I’m very happy, proud and comfortable with, but I’m not done. Physical improvement, just like the improvement of the Self, the spirit, and the mind, never ends, nor should we want it to.Even as age aims to take our strength and our vibrance, we must move onward and upward, forward toward a stronger, more resilient body, mind, and spirit. There are times where we stumble and regress, but there is no plateau, no place to sit back and lament.

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It’s strength that will help you build muscle, more muscle, and burn fat, more fat.

Without strength you’re setting yourself up for what will amount to than what you could have accomplished if you were stronger.

You’re lowering your bar, you’re quelling your potential.

How does training for strength differ and where can you find guidance with this goal?

You’re not going to deplete your calories too much like many diets recommend.

This will keep your cortisol levels in check and help you avoid muscle loss.

I to provide you with too much information, but I’ll give you the names of some other guys who put out great information, who can also give you guidance.

I make no money from these names, but I know most of these guys, their stuff is great, and I’ll include them in this article where I can.

I bit on nearly every promotion that came my way and I was able to figure out who knew what they were talking about and who didn’t, and I’ve created my own programs and diets with one thing in mind above all else; simplicity. My diet, the Man Diet, is, essentially, how every man should eat.

My goal isn’t to impress you with big words or fancy terms, but simply to give you stuff that works in the shortest possible amount of time with knowledge not merely gained with my eyes glued to a book but in the gym and in the kitchen, trying, experimenting, and what the truth is, what works, what’s myth and what’s pure nonsense. In fact, you need and your diet will need some adjusting. My workouts have helped a lot of people get in the best shape of their lives by following the most strait forward path to their goal available. It’s an incredibly simple method to follow and one that you can and should follow until you kick the bucket.

The Man Diet also has two routes, the muscle building route and the fat loss route, so both goals are taken car of within the diet with adjustments made to the macros you’re going to consume.2. Testosterone comes from cholesterol, it occurs when our bodies convert it into testosterone in our testes.

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