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Note that these are mini-cake doughnuts — about a third larger than a Dunkin Donuts Munchkin.

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She is trying to impress her husband again just like their first date!

Help Angelina to choose the best outfit and makeup...

Hugo is not yet decided whom to go to prom at the palace, but will choose the most elegant. You need to help Emma kiss the boy she is in love with. Elsa is intensely courted by Jack and Joe, two beautiful young boys how are full of qualities.

Elsa is facing a difficult choices because she likes the boys. Kenny invited Barbara to walk through the park followed by a romantic dinner, in which wants to declare his love for her.

It is specifically designed for male users who are going shopping with their partners.

The users can play video games, watch TV programmes or listening to music.

Each of these transparent self-service pods is equipped with a TV screen, a keyboard and game consoles.

These pods were spotted by reporters from The Paper at the atrium of the mall on July 11.

However, some users complained that the space was cramped and the pod had no air conditioning or ventilation.

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