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Additionally, Amazon has provided the long-awaited announcement revealing the (unlucky) date on which season 4 premieres on Prime: Friday, April 13th.

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The series' use of Los Angeles locations remains its single best attribute.

This is a show that doesn't take place in the gleaming Los Angeles you see on other shows.

It was good, not great, and I stopped watching shortly after the season's midpoint.

In season two, though, It's still an incredibly standard cop drama, so if you're looking for a reinvention of that particular wheel, you should probably look elsewhere.

(Both actors, not coincidentally, are best known for was adapted for TV by Eric Overmyer, who also worked on that show.) Season two gives the show's supporting players better storylines to work through, particularly Reddick, who gets a great one.

The show is still Bosch's, and there are still scenes where the other characters seem as if they only exist when he's around to acknowledge their existence.

The fallout is worth the temporary idiocy of that plot.

has always had great casting, so it's had a leg up in this regard.

But season two offers a much stronger sense of Bosch's Hollywood Homicide division as a workplace, rather than just a place he checks in every so often.

In particular, I'm always entertained by the antics of "Crate and Barrel," a Laurel and Hardy–esque duo of detectives who wander around the office offering up occasional commentary on the action.

Even if you're not a cop drama fan, you can probably name at least two or three other examples of that particular form.

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