Updating mini cooper onboard navigation system

The final price, ,795, became even tougher to swallow as the miles accrued.

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The cheeky styling, quick reflexes, and punchy power­train are supposed to be a playful escape from the anonymous sedans and me-too crossovers that plug up exit ramps and make driving a chore. But looking back over our 21 months with a 2014 Mini Cooper S, we’re left hunting for happy thoughts.

While it was clearly made to entertain, our Mini wasn’t made particularly well.

The majority of our miles were accompanied by a soundtrack of groans, rattles, squeaks, and gronks that soured our attitude toward the car.

Well, at least the first 10,000 miles passed innocuously.

The unforgiving suspension may enable the Mini’s snappy steering responses and flat handling, but it also makes this 2839-pounder stomp down the road like a heavyweight.

As our pity turned to disdain, we felt a pang of sympathy for the technicians.

Our suspension woes began at 16,000 miles with a knock from the front end and a squeak at the rear.

The dealer torqued the suspension hardware, cleaned the dampers, tightened a loose fuel-hose bracket, and sent us on our way. We returned within the month, and the service department replaced the left- and right-front ­control arms.

That fix seemed to do the trick—for about 1000 miles.

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