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Those looking for more Western food with a surreal spin on the idea should try Paddington House of Pancakes.It has probably the best interior of any restaurant in the capital, with simple but effective use of a feature chalkboard wall.People like it both for the quality of its specials like its ‘special coconut prawn’, served in a coconut, and for the authenticity of its wider menu.

Known variously as roti, roti canai, roti prata or perhaps most popularly as murtabak, these stuffed breads or pancakes are the absolute staple street food of Bandar Seri Begawan and Brunei in general. Queues can often be seen snaking out of the doors at peak times for these little parcels of folded goodness (the name ‘murtabak’ means ‘folded’ in Arabic).

The mixed crowds contain everyone from students looking for a cheap meal to Brunei’s oldest residents eating the foods of their childhoods.

It’s forbidden to raise pigs in Brunei, and so the pork-heavy menu of this restaurant has led to many bloggers calling this restaurant the most (sinful) eating place in all of Brunei.

Haram it may be, but delicious it certainly is, with customers coming for the reputation but staying for the pork buns, dumplings and stunning braised pork dishes.

The restaurant is often completely full come lunch time with workers from across the city and the office blocks close to Nur Wanita’s location.

It is also one of the more upmarket restaurants in the Bandar Seri Begawan, with a comfy and stylish interior that sets it apart from its more parochial competition.It could house a very contemporary art space or gallery, but instead is home to what was quickly agreed to be the best Japanese food in the city.It has an extensive menu including almost every kind of sushi imaginable as well as a teppanyaki bar, private dining area and, of course, some of the best views in Brunei across the harbor and fisherman village.The original site is still the best of them all, however, with both its early evening buffet and later a la carte menu serving the best of Indonesia on a plate (or, in the case of the Indonesian buffet, inevitable multiple plates).The other PSWs should also be tracked down, for each restaurant offers delicious signature dishes exclusive to that particular branch.As the capital of the Sultanate of Brunei, Bandar Seri Begawan’s culinary scene has been a relatively late developer.

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