Dating ruins friendships

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.i find this to be untrue.there are alot of women who i have been friends with who were sexually attractive but i have never considered ( or would consider) approaching them for sex.

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He is always encouraging me to get out more, and I know he thinks the world of me. I told him that perhaps I had built my shelter because so many people have hurt me. "I replied, "No, you only rejected me."My friend is of Indian descent. Okay I have some men I have been friends with for so long that it would be like incest for me to think of having sex with them. I know this was corrected to mean ex-lovers but what do they have to do with being divorced with the involvement of children and in keeping contact with them?

He planned that when he reached a certain level of financial security and age that he was going to go back to India and find a bride. What if something happened and then he goes off to find a wife, that the friendship was more important. The men I have had sex with thankfully most of them I am still friends with to a point would I call one of them up and say Hey I met this hottie and would like to jump his bones can you give me some pointers. That sounds more like keeping in contact with an ex-spouse.

Well, I had a friend and we became FWB's and he said that is all it was ever to be but the prob.

was that I was totally in love with him from almost the day we met. I recently had to realize that I had to let him go and I loved him so much and always will but that for my own sanity I had to move on.

i think this subject is different for everyone and every friendship.

I had a very good female friend for many years that was ruined by having sex.

We sill kind of shared our intimate thoughts, but our sense of humor really suffered.

We just both fealt so uncomfortable after that experience.

one way or another, her relationship with her best friend and/or her current suitor will suffer. We are at the stage of friendship where we talk bluntly and also make fun of each other and ourselves. We went out tonight and I intended to pay but he refused, so I guess this was a "date."I began to caress his arm during the ride, After a couple of years of associating, I kinda said, "Should we do this? The team was short of players so the team was lucky to have him on the team. We kept in touch with each other thru the years and hung out together.

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