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Youssef Ait Abi Braim’s invention deals with a daily problem, namely charging one’s cell phone.His solution is a small solar cell which charges the battery of the cell phone with energy.

Hence the biogas plant not only reduces pollution but also provides energy, liquid fertilizer (hence replacing chemical fertilizer), which urban low-income farmers can apply to their agricultural lands, and nutrient recovery.

This project would be designed by the biogas technology research group KMUTT (Thailand).

The Energy and Environmental Partnership, including the SICA (Central America System for Integration) and CCAD, has planned a project in cooparation with the Ministry of the Environment of Panama ANAM.

Its main aim is to install solar systems on Ustupu Island.

The New House was set up in the center of San Francisco, raising widespread public awareness and functioning as an education tool.

This house is available to individual home builders and developers for implementation.The plate receives the sun’s rays and turns them into electric power, which passes trough a voltage regulator to the battery of the cell phone.This invention costs only one Euro and allows our cell phone to be constantly charged, besides the fact that we use less electric energy that is produced in an environmentally harmful way.Young activists from Ladysmith, South Africa formed a collaborative unit under the auspices of local environmentalist Avril Wilkinson and initiated an electrical efficiency campaign.In the course of the project 6000 existing incandescent lamps were replaced by 14 W compact fluorescent lamps, donated by Climate Care, a UK-based environmental organisation.Clever Homes designed a concept home, the New House, to demonstrate the possibilities for design and construction to meet the highest environmental standards while also satisfying stringent demands for health, comfort and cost.

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