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Just because Atheist Passions is the only one I've heard of does not mean that there are not others.

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Looking at some typical dating practices of many Christians helps to better explain their perspective on the process.

First, in many cases the date may take place during a church-related activity.

When the two individuals know one another better, then they might decide on a quieter atmosphere for the date, in order to talk alone.

Many Christians believe in abstinence before marriage and even no-touch love as a way to avoid getting swept up in powerful emotions that may cause them to compromise their beliefs.

While religion was often an issue, it was not always one that was impossible to resolve.

And I am reasonably confident that I would have more in common with many politically progressive Christians than some conservative atheists.

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Compare and Contrast Paper Terina Jackson Liberty University The book of Proverbs states “Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety,” (English Standard Version).

It is tempting to claim that there is nothing wrong with such sites because of the unique status of atheists as compared to Christians.

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