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It’s probably down to me trying to speak Spanish with Luis and the confusion over what is an el (male) and what is a la (female).

We have endless discussions about it – we live a very thrilling life as you can see!

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The woman, age 18, asked Web MD to withhold her identity.

It would be different if you are used to living without it and then have it. I look normal and am normal in every other aspect of my physical health. And I haven't gone through half of the drugs yet, and that makes me happy. "I know now that people know more about HIV and AIDS. Everyone has loved me more, not less, from knowing how strong a person I am.

I knew something was wrong, but I never understood the extent of it until I was in fifth grade and began understanding that people were not comfortable and did not understand my situation. By now you'd think people would know a lot about HIV, but they don't. Even when I do feel close enough to someone to tell them, I wonder. But I know people's ignorance is not going to go away. They changed the medicines only once because I was on the same regimen for so long. But your truest friends and those who love you will be OK.

It is sad because my father passed away a couple of months after I was born. "Growing up I had to go to the National Institutes of Health and get blood drawn. But it is hard having friendships and relationships. ' The truth is that people really do look at you differently when they know you are HIV positive. I have a boyfriend now and he knows and is understanding. I appreciate them and know that without them I would not be here today. But what they have done in terms of research and treatment has saved my life.

It is also interesting to note that my portrait, should it be auctioned, would reach nowhere near two million – unless possibly when I’m dead of course. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 17 years to get that many views.

The main art in my life now has an H in it – as in HAART, highly active antiretroviral therapy, which I have to chuck down my neck every night as I bemoan the path that led me here. Resolution number two – give up the theeegoreeeeeyos, Spanish for fags, plus refrain from smoking roll ups after applying lip gloss otherwise end up with strands of tobacco and bits of liquorice rolling paper stuck to lips – not attractive especially combined with doggy tash.

The rare portraits Dali painted were often tongue in cheek.

For example when he painted Brian he portrayed him with blue eyes and blond hair looking angelic.

Life can seem very unfair at times especially if you have HIV.

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