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Mistakes happen, but intentionally giving false information, like your age or income, on a credit card application can land you in legal trouble, including being charged with theft by deception and larceny.

Penalties vary, but can include: fines, probation, community service or jail time.

Credit card fraud law covers a wide range of activity, and the terms and conditions of credit cards are lengthy and difficult to understand.

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If you are intentionally committing chargeback fraud, it ends up costing retailers $11.8 billion a year, which will eventually get passed down to consumers.

And it's 100 percent illegal -- you are exposing yourself to a host of consequences, including jail time.

Credit card fraud is a broad term for theft and fraud committed using a credit card.

Usually, it's associated with stolen or compromised information and unauthorized credit card charges, but sometimes it's the legal cardholder who's unintentionally committing the crime.

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