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This is a real life scenario and is not written by me and did not happen to me but to a woman I know who has cancer and needs certain medicines at very precise moments, so she needs to wait hours long to get her prescription. Then he or she might be one of those who bought their place, the wife or the daughter of a man with money. Shortly, those who voted for the suspension of the President -in the end, whoever he would be, is the elected President by the voters and we need time and peace to focus on advancing things not hanging in crisis -and organized this entire hoax are keeping us in the waiting line forever. (Note: This is an un-finished article; I’ll get back to it later).

The Infamous bellow: Vacaroiu, Taracila, Tariceanu, Olteanu, Iliescu, Hrebenciuc, Patriciu, Voiculescu.

He is also under the suspicion of fraud in the past but it is obvious to me that he gave up narrow interest and just broke the Romanian cat after all.

I am not here to say that Basescu, the suspended President is a saint; but for what is worth he moved things forward.

So…you can see, I have no trust in the mental capacity and high powered brain abilities of those who represent me in this country.

In Bucharest a post as a Assistant Professor in the Medical University again I have been told that can reach 10.000 Euros.

A pass in the Medical School in Timisoara costs 300 euros, in case you were wondering.

As I have started this blog over an year ago, then I have abandoned for personal reasons, with the idea of finding what defines Romanians with the good, the bad and the ugly, maybe I should ask these questions again and let the people say their view. People with a little education with many degrees obtained through friends in universities because, in case you didn’t know, in Romanian universities you can buy your degree or even your grade.

– are the good and funny parts, what defines us, Romanians. So i know them well enough to know who I am dealing with: a group of wannabees, many of them, not all of them, craving power and money for their un-existing virtues, other than being aggressive and intolerant, willing to get there to any price, doing any sort of compromises.

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