Julianna margulies dating

In addition, her work on screen extended to appearing in was triggered by reading a book on Buddhism.

132 episodes and a number of award nods, they made the right decision.

Although Margulies was born in New York, she lived in a number of places during her childhood.

As a result, she developed a specific routine in learning her lines, placing a ‘do not disturb’ sign on her door, lying down on the couch and rehearsing her lines over and over again for the following day.

The technique has evidently been rewarding for the long-standing cast member.

Due to living between New York, England and France, Margulies was considered American when in the U. This led her to feeling out of place for much of her life and she only found her true identity when attending college at Sarah Lawrence.

Through immersing herself in acting, Julianna found her passion and a comfort in the performing arts.

Their young love turned into a lengthy relationship.

Despite their commitment to one another, Margulies had no intention of tying the knot, and they later split in 2003.

She later decided that if she were to have children, she would wait until she had found the one and make the commitment to get married.

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