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The doctors here in the prison say "quote" major depression multiple neurotic symptoms, marked by excessive fear, unrelenting worry and debilitating anxiety. Eventually the weaker inmate is compelled to perform masturbation on the domineering inmate, or at first to pose nude before the domineering inmate while he masturbates. If an inmate does, not only is that a sure sign of weakness, but a weak snitch to boot. People start to treat you right once you become deadly. M., Texas, 9/13/96 It's fixed where if you're raped, the only way you [can escape being a punk is if] you rape someone else. He said he wanted to come in and watch television with me. By this time, I had turned on my overhead light and heard inmate [A] say to [the officer], "Open #222, so I can get his laundry." I didn't think nothing of it because we've had no prior problems before. He sends them to his house see he's out of place he is not supposed to be in my cell but I cant tell for fear of the other inmates. Oh and we are on lock down so we only shower 3 times a week. usually gets tricked into sexual devastation in some decivious way and the officers look the other way or leave, as Texas stays understaffed for that reason so an officer can just walk off and never see a thing. B., Texas, 10/13/96 At least 90% of assaults are not even reported to staff.

By this time, the weaker inmate has had his self-esteem so lowered that he no longer cares and becomes a sexual substitute for whomever needs him. S., Texas, 9/10/96 I found out how people earn respect in here, you have to beat someone or shank them. G., Minnesota, 9/12/96 It's either rape or be raped and the racial tension doesn't help any. M., Texas, 9/13/96 Officers can't do anything unless an inmate say's something. M., Texas, 9/13/96 [You have to fight to be safe.] To give you an idea what I mean . That's not the many minor cuts and wound's can't include in this letter because of lack of times & space. It started by inmate [A] coming by my cell and waking me up at approximately a.m. When he gets there he first demands money I have none so he takes my radio and headphones.

I've laid down without physical fight to be sodomized. H., Utah, 9/10/96 [With coercive sex], one inmate will sidle up to another inmate and try to play on the inmate's emotions, as well as befriend him; this inmate usually being a "first-timer" who is quiet and reserved and without any established friends yet . After it's over you may be disgusted with yourself, but you realize you're not powerless and that you can deliver as well as receive pain. It's also depressing when one of these boy's (another name for turn out), come up to you for protection because they know you won't hurt them as much because you've been through it & they don't have the nuts to break out themselves even when you tell them how. M., Texas, 9/13/96 My celly tried to rape me with a knife for a weapon, we fought and I got the knife and stabbed him to fight him off, I was charged with attempted murder and felonious assault and taken to trial, found guilty and received 12 to 15 years. I saw him go to the booth and told the booth officer to open my cell door . On Saturday about 10 or 11 AM he tells me that he wants a blow job or he wants to have sex with me. Meeker individuals tend to "act Gay" is how it's described here and in turn invites assault through the agressors mind. He will offer the new comer wire (for a radio antena) coffee or something so the new comer will come back and the subject will come up every time the new comer comes around and before long the new comer wants to know what the deal is. Should the new comer seek assistance of staff, staff just laughs at him, the physic department just says what do you want me to do. The units with the younger offenders seem to carry by far the higher rates of sexual assaults. From the people I have known in my 10 years I would say about 50% have been forced to hook up with someone not necessarily for protection but due to survival having necessities or attention. B., Texas, 10/13/96 I would say the bigger prisons allow more rape because of understaffing and the prisons with the younger offenders, not necessarily maximum security. B., Texas, 10/13/96 Even after the gang rape I endured, I was still poorly classified and two violent inmates with a record of violence threatened to sexually assault me and take my store goods. Psychologically the victim eventually begins to believe he is a homosexual and no longer resists. He had the leash wrapped around my waist, then yanked on it spinning me around. I have suffered from a lot of abuse in this prison including my rape to this kind of abuse from staff. The older men like the "power" they have over their victims. He doesn't know what to do, so he freezes, get's very quiet, and allows himself to be victimized. L., New York, 10/21/96 The guards just turn their backs. In prison, male on male sexual relations are viewed differently then those of free-society. First, there is what I will refer to as "Bodily Force Rape" for lack of a better term. H., Florida, 10/22/96 I believe only a minute amount of these incidences get reported; the individules this happens to live in fear.

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I had no choice but to submit to being Inmate B's prison wife. Of course he has no drugs or money, and the only alternative is sexual favors. The coercion-type abuses continue because of their covert nature. D., Texas, 9/6/96 Most guys raped are guys for there first time locked up, between the ages 18-30 that looks young, not strong, looks lonely, scared. Some of the guys I rode with didnt want any sex or $. I was with the Valluco (Valley) crowd, so I was only passed around to them for free.

Out of fear for my life, I submitted to sucking his dick, being fucked in my ass, and performing other duties as a woman, such as making his bed. And make that person into a homosexual then sell him to other inmates or gangs. Once a prisoner is "turned-out," it's pretty much a done deal. From the way such attacks manifest, it can seem to others, administrators and prisoners, that the victims are just homosexual to begin with. Being deprived of consensual sex, and self-centered, any hole will do. Blacks tend to rape the white inmates and force themselves on weaker inmates! They just wanted the status of having a "Kid." Naturally, I liked them best. H., Texas, 9/10/96 I was "rented out" for sexual favors, and a lot of the guys who rented me are not rapists, or assaulted as children, or any other stereotypical model.

[T]hese guys commit these attacks for power & control, not for the sex although they are highly interested in sex. ) of these guys, it's a "badge of honor" for them, when they can abuse a "child molester" (especially sexually) and run them into p.c. Inmates are looked at and treated as subhuman across the board. I survived the attacks only because I fought several times.

I have told the unit werdon and a number of the officers on the unit and have not got the proper proteshone that I need and the unit classification have denide me transfer to a safe keeping unit a number of times. M., Texas, 10/1/96 I was dehumanzied by the lack of empathy prison officials have towards victims of sexual assault, potential victims, inmates safety in general. A victim for extortion, robbery and/or sexual assault.

I washed myself again, put on all my clothes, got under the covers. In retrospect, I feel now that there was more I could have done and my mindset now is one of tremendous speculation. There was no guard to be found, and so I was left to fend for myself. S., West Virginia, 9/16/96 Prison rapes occur for a number of reasons. It's their method of sacrificing the weak inmates to achieve and maintain control of the stronger aggressive or violent inmates. F., Missouri, 9/21/96 [I] was sent to the orientation block to be cellmate with another prisoner already occupying a double cell. On my fourth day of sharing the cell, I was ambushed and viciously raped by him. In 1992 I came to this Unit and was put into population. I let him use me and my body as if I were a real woman for his personal sexual gratification. The memory I have of my arrival is yells, mating calls and whistling at me as I walked to my cell at am. period I received over a hundred notes asking who was my man, or threatening me, and more verbal threats, I attempted suicide by cutting my wrist; the only escape I could envision.

" The other said, "And if you do and you get transferred, you'll still die." At that time, I really believed them, and I still think this today. D, Virginia, 9/16/96 I remember after he left, the sun was rising, I was standing there in total shock. I didn't know what to do, so I just sat down on the commode and let what they ejaculated in me come out. As I got up, I noticed the water in the commode was red. I cannot fully state to you now the actual feelings of guilt or shame I felt at the time. In September, 1994, during the week of Labor Day, I was accosted and raped in the shower . I was left badly bruised and crying, with a pretty hopeless outlook on the whole situation. The main reason why sexual assaults occur is because prison officials and staff promote them. I must point out that only a month and a half prior, he was accused of raping another man. Subjugation is mental, physical, financial, and sexual. Unless the new arrival is strong, ugly, and efficient at violence, they are subject to get seduced, coerced, or raped . I was tired of living in fear and gave in to his demands. Within 30 days I escaped from prison, the fear of being humiliated and treated as a sexual slave was too much and greater than the fear of being shot or prosecuted. "The World's Largest Walled Prison" known for its stabbings and sexual attacks on young white males.

One time when I refused to enter a cell, I was brutally attacked by staff and taken to segragation though I had only wanted to prevent the same and worse by not locking up with my cell mate. He told me that off the record, He suggests I find a man I would/could willingly have sex with to prevent these things from happening. To begin with on Aug 1, 1996 Approx: pm i was housed in E building i went to the officials on duty about a problem i was having with two (2) inmate's but it was disreguard. I tryed to tell them it was self defence and that I need protective custody but they wouldnt listen. [P]rison officials approve of men getting fucked in prison and to attack it at the prisoners level, you are fighting a losing battle, start with prison officials, people in authority, they are the one that causes people to get fucked against their will. D., Indiana, 10/8/96 I have seen or heard of rapes on a weekly basis at the least. Rapes are a very common occurrence due to the fact of coercion being "played" on ignorant first timers. B., Indiana, 10/10/96 As I go back to the time I was attacked, I was only about 145 lbs, white, blue eyed and smoothed skin. Being scared I was too much in a trance to go to the unranked officers because many at the time were promoters of the non-survival of the weak. he made the comment that faggots are sickening and disgusting. He continued calling me a faggot dick sucker throughout this process. And they are white males usualy slight of build and physicaly atractive, between 17-25 yrs of age. Someone befriends him and tells him if he needs anything come to him. is in deep enough the "friend" will tell him he can cover some of his debt by submitting to sex.

I have been raped by up to 5 black men and two white men at a time. I had fought and been beat so hard that I didn't ever think I'd see straight again. I explained to the hearing officer what the issue was. Something I don't know if I'll ever forgive myself for. H., Indiana, 8/30/96 If a person is timid or shy or as prison inmates term him "Weak," either mentally or physically, he stands to be a victim of physical and/or sexual assault. B., Colorado, 9/1/96 I am giving you a breif description of the incient's i have suffered from while I've been in this institution. Now on 10/8/96 I was put in administrative segregation for assult with a weapon I dont even know when I'll get out plus they might file a free world charge on me so that I get more time. 2 black males (gang related) ran into my cell, one very large and the other more my size. A knee in my back and a pillow case under my chin (like a horse bridle), being weaker made me vulnerable to be taken advantage of (note: this paragraph is not detailed action for action but only a brief take). I don't know why I was a victim I owed him nothing neither did I associate with him. One must never talk openly about being raped for fear of being severely beaten or killed. G., Oklahoma, 10/19/96 When a person come to prison, if they see fear in their face, or anywhere, they will be easy prey. O., Illinois, 10/20/96 While I was being uncuffed at the rec door by Officer W. states that he at no time mentioned the word fagget") On 10-21-96 Officer G. Then pulled out the mace as though he were to spray me. I'm currently serving a 5 yr sentence for trafficking in stolen property . I will give you my observations on all these types of assult shortly; but first I feel I should tell you the people most at risk. Among inmates there is a debate wheather this is in fact rape at all. Let me give you an example of what happens and you decide. He has no funds for the things he needs such as soap, junk food, and drugs (there are a great deal of drugs in prisons).

I went to the Guards for help and was told there was nothing that could be done, that i would have to stand up like a Man and Take Care of my own troubles. L, Florida, 9/5/96 Some prison rapists are so ignorant or delusional, they imagine the rape victim to be the homosexualbecause he's doing the taking, not dishing it out (he's gay! You know, refuses to swear, actually admits he is guilty, is seeking help etc. From that day on, I was classified as a homosexual and was sold from one inmate to the next.

Antisocial suicidal ideation, self-degradation, paranoia and hopelessness are characteristic, "unquote." R. Yes I know that's fully screwed, but that's how your head is twisted. L., Ohio, 9/14/96 What is needed in prison is one man cells, one man showers and for the officials to prosecute attackers instead of just locking them up in the hole. L., Ohio, 9/14/96 While serving my sentence at a former institution, I was severely beaten and gang raped, both orally and anally, by six black inmates . I said, "No, I'm trying to sleep." He said he's going to the booth and get my door open. He came in my cell Friday so he wont have a chance to go back to his cell until Monday so I just try and stay away from him. Occasionally the victim is a person who could fight off one inmate but there is a bet between groups or gangs to make him a "bitch," and the bettor will get a few of his home boys and go assault him. B., Texas, 10/13/96 Smaller, weaker, meeker individuals are usually targets. B., Texas, 10/13/96 I have been on 3 units on one of the units I have been on, you heard of rapes just about daily on the other 2 though maybe you heard of rape once a month maybe. Some inmates sell there bodies just for basics like toothpaste, soap, shampoo, tooth brush, deoderant, things others take for granted. B., Texas, 10/13/96 On the younger units I would say you have a rape at least weekly. My rape is known throughout the prison system as everyone knows the person who did it and likes to brag about it, so its unsafe for me to be in population as now I am a snitch, a homo and my safety is in jeapordy. G., Delaware, 10/17/96 Another type of coerced sex is for the dominant party to first let the intended victim know that he wants to have sex with him, then begin to wear the victim down by constantly leering at him in ways that let the victim know what's on his mind. H., Indiana, 10/21/96 (grievance filed, denied with response: "WRONG FORM") Older men who have been in here for a long time like Young men because they are more healthy, better looking, and more inexperienced. Let me say I believe there are different levels or kinds of rape in prison.

When I first came to prison, I had no idea what to expect. I'm a tall white male, who unfortunately has a small amount of feminine characteristics. These characteristics have got me raped so many times I have no more feelings physically. I have great difficulty raising food to my mouth from shaking after nightmares or thinking to hard on all this. Though in not fighting, it caused my heart and spirit to be raped as well. When I reach for his wrist to try and get the knife I get cut but not to bad. I dont remember cutting him as many times as he was cut. He was cut a few times got a bunch of stitches: I then layed the weapon on the ground he picked it up and threw it out of the cell. Now even though I was in my cell and he wasn't supposed to be there he was out of place even though I was cut and he admitted possion of the weapon and even though he admitted that he came in my cell to do me harm I was still given a major case "which fucks off chance of parole for me for a long time." I was still put in solitary for segregation for 15 days. I feel that maybe some women might look at me as less than a man. He will be approached by a bigger guy who will let him know he's going to "fight, fuck or pay protection." . When the dude get's the new comer it's over and the dude will tell the new comer he'll take care of him or he'll tell everybody he's just a little bitch . When the person can't pay he offers to let them have sex, and when they say no, he rapes them. It tags you as belonging to the inmate who raped you. Inmates see this type of behavior as approval to beat, rape and extort gay men in prison because of the anomosity and hateful attitudes displayed by the state. H., Indiana, 10/27/96 (offender grievance, denied 10/30/96, with response that "Officer W. He shoved me and then yanked on the leash several times in the course of escorting me to my cell. I am 32 yrs of age, I'm an American of African decent. Third and by far the most common is what I'll call using a persons fears of his situation to convince him to submit to sex. The last form of "rape," using a persons fear against him. They suffer in silence, think thay are less than men and fearing the world and thair familys will know of thair shame.

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