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I was promised to be contacted by their refunds department as yet no one has sent me a reply to get a refund. Read Full Review Really they are doing good job to help the person for searching the life partner. We have taken 6 months plan and in waiting of brides photographs. Read Full Review After you spend hours of you precious time creating you profile on & go thru all the pain sticking process of creating you profile; will put your profle on hold & ask you to upload your passport copy for your identity verification.

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When I enquired over Live Chat on the website as to the reason why my paid subscription had been cancelled I was given no reason other than its our policy that we can require personal information from customers whenever we want.

I was asked to provide a photocopy of my passport, driver's license, proof of work and where I work (payslips) and photocopies of my degrees.

Request for such information is a breach of privacy and for all I know could lead to identity theft.

I explained to the consultant that Identity theft is rife all over the world.

I do not know why is allowed to conduct business as their activities are against ethical and fair practice.

I have found to have engaged in unscrupulous and fraudulent activities when dealing with me as a customer.Read Full Review has some really good profiles too but there are fraudulent profiles as well, whose only intent is to prey on you.This is a cautionary note members about the scale and extent.Fradulent profiles are being being created(and I mean paid members) whose only intention is to prey and victimize unsuspecting candidates and lure them to part with their finances by providing fake stories.Unfortunately these are not one person crimes rather are organized crimes(involving multiple… COM CALLED ME FROM THEIR ERNAKULAM OFFICE AND TOLD ME THAT YOU CAN REGISTER AS A SELECT SHADI MEMBER BY PAYING RS.13,300/- FOR A MEMBERSHIP PERIOD OF 3 MONTHS.In 2016, acquired Thrill Group, a startup that included two dating products, FRIVIL and Fropper, founded by expat entrepreneurs Josh Israel and Devin Serago.

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