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Dont point at anyone with your chopsticks…it is consider to be rude!!!!

Fuck Studies – Site Rip Everyone knows that studying together is just an excuse to get a little action.

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If our parents see this, they will fucking kill us, that’s why we wear MASKS!

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Watch your manners when travelling to Japan or China!!!

Great counties, full of history, glamour and great food!!!! Dont take food from the serving plate with the side of the chopsticks you have been eating with!!!!

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'People's bodies will be more agitated the longer the event lasts and people may require medical assistance.'In Phoenix, the mercury soared to 119 degrees - the fourth-highest temperature ever recorded for the Arizona city. The larger Boeing and Airbus jetliners were not effected.

The heat was so punishing that rangers took up positions at trailheads at Lake Mead in Nevada to persuade people not to hike.

Firstly, these girls aren’t as spoiled, they didn’t grow up as rich as USA girls.

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