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This goes back to another comment that the CRM is faulty and mistake prone.Granted, the computers they provide are about 10 years old or more so it should not be a surprise that their systems are out of date.Everything about what you're selling is a mystery.

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There are other comments about management having the "rah rah"/cheerleader/upbeat attitude which rubs some former employees the wrong way.

I won't argue against the positives of having an energetic, passionate environment. Some managers and a few of the long-time sales reps from all over the country all sound the same.

If you are thinking of accepting a job with It's Just Lunch keep that in mind.

They're hiring high-quality, successful sales people so even though you are also at the top of your game, know that this is a different kind of sell that great sales people struggle with. First, they are all training a new crop of sales reps for a full week every month.

The commission structure is amazing a real opportunity to make six figures.

The understanding of the type of career your entering and not a job is imporrtant to success.

The same inflections, the same turn of phrases, the same pitch in sound.

In conference call, you never know who is speaking.

I paid 00 to sign up for their membership and the rep told me that she does all of the interviews for my area and that she could think of several people right away who would be a great fit for me.

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