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You will get through this and come out the other side stronger and happier.If you ever want to meet up and have a chat then let me know.

We meet at a children’s centre in Aylesbury once a month (first Saturday of each month) from pm to pm.

All single parents who are members are welcome to join us for a cuppa and a chat, with or without their children.

Try and organize to get some help, for immediately after the birth.

with kindest regards Hya Life as single mum is possible, but it needs a lot of strenght and organisation.

100 years from now, people will be reading about these heroes, watching movies about. I grew up watching William Wallace take on England, Maximus Decimus Meridius take on the Roman Emperor in the Gladiator. What’s EXPECTED OF US today isn’t even all that tough, especially compared to previous generations. The men (and women) who want to do something great, to impact the lives of millions. Others that are doing the same thing, are simply good, hard working people. If the moment ever comes when we are called into truly extraordinary action, then we’ll see what we’re made of. Instead of looking for a reward, ask if you truly deserve one…

We have gotten to the point where we think so little of ourselves and what we can accomplish, that someone who reaches just a tad further than the average person is a hero. It’s to the point where doing what’s expected of us is heroic. We need accountability, leadership, and we need consequences. So us, the few, the one’s who want to be REAL heroes. We search to live the best life we can possibly live.

Hello all, I had a bf and i got pregnan from him, and now I am about to deliver but we are separating. It is only now, and he is moving out and I have to be a single mother now. As per we are not married the Custody is 100% mine, he still need to recognise the baby, and all i want is to survive. But which can of advice can give me about my new situation. Regards Silly Some reading up for while other members provide their feedback to your questions: cid=29087718 should I start over as single mom in CH?

I would like to have free movement, I mean to be able to move between countries with enough freedom, I know i need a solicitor.

I presumed he meant that the concept of having children was not desirable to men. Single moms want to have romance and some semblance of a sex life too.

But then my brain started playing around with the idea and I imagined my two kids dressed up in monster costumes standing in a dark hallway deliberately trying to cock block me. Though I was relatively certain what he meant by the scared children comment, I wanted to confirm that he was making a mass generalization before I retaliated. They are fun and weird and sometimes they lose their teeth and get money for it. Why should the fact that I have children make me any less attractive?

If custody is shared, you may well have problems being allowed to leave with your child. Try not to let these problems take away the joy your child brings you, don't let anything overshadow that. Do you want to go home and be around your family and have their support, it's incredibly difficult if you are completely alone here and the father is not wanting to know, especially for the first few months.

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