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Stars Dance Studio, where the school's owners and renowned contemporary dance instructors Victor Smalley and Angel Armas train a group of aspiring dancers.

Inevitably, the drama will come from the often conflicting goals and aspirations among teachers, students and their passionate parents.

Also, it’s my philosophy to allow my students to find themselves as artists.

See full summary » A one-hour special hosted by the series' infamous dance instructor Abby Lee Miller re-visiting this season's most talked-about highlights.

The show will also include never-before-seen footage of the cast.

As much as I don't want to admit it, we're watching the show for Abby Lee Miller. She's mean, she's competitive, she pits the kids against each other, she yells at the moms in front of the children, she snaps corrections but never actually shows the girls how to do them and most entertaining of all, she actually thinks she's important.

While Abby can wax poetic about how her name's at stake at every single competition, we all know it's not true.

Victor Smalley and Angel Armas, the Abby Lee Millers of are a thousand times more professional than Abby.

They're actual dancers who can demonstrate what they're teaching while choreographing a dance.I want to make the audience feel what the dancers are feeling on stage and for those three minutes enter their world. I say accidental because I started scrolling through my guide without any idea it would be on.Both Victor and Angel starred in the Lifetime series Dance Moms Miami in 2012 with 6 of their students.Stars Dance Company is comprised of Stars Dance Studio, Liberate the Artist Dance Convention, Artistic Freedom Dance Company, and Stars for Artists Foundation.The series follows Victor Smalley and Angel Armas, the co-owners of Stars Dance Studio in Miami, Florida.

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