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More than twice as many women visit ERs due to being injured by an animal than by a male partner. It's about power and control more than reaction to abuse--same as for men.Controversy over DV by Women Leading researcher Dr. Straus critiques the recent National Violence Against Women Survey, offers insights into the "politics" of domestic violence and whether the controversy will ever end. "He wasn't sensitive to my needs." "I wanted my partner's attention." "He wasn't listening." College men nearly as likely to be victims of unwanted sexual coercion So says a new study at the University of Washington. Men's Reactions to Female Sexual Coercion One of the long-standing myths about sexual coercion is that a woman cannot make a man have sex with her.

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Assaulted men more likely than women to be knifed, hit with an object. Statistics Canada report 44% of DV victims are men.

In current relationships men as more likely to be victims of domestic violence.

Perpetrators, Victims, Survivors A woman seeks help for her own violence.

Violent Femmes At first I would switch off whenever I saw a report about domestic violence.

The violent video game literature has previously not extended to the domain of violence against women.

The current investigation tested the effects of exposure to sex-typed video game characters versus images of professional men and women on judgments and attitudes supporting aggression against women.

Results showed experimental effects of short-term exposure to stereotypical media content on sexual harassment judgments but not on rape myth acceptance.

A significant interaction indicated that men exposed to stereotypical content made judgments that were more tolerant of a real-life instance of sexual harassment compared to controls.

Over 40% of victims of severe physical violence, more often psychologically abused Help is available Are You Battered or Abused?

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