Chun jung myung and moon geun young dating book dating playing game

I’m guessing the love line for Lee Joon is with Jung So Min but with weekend dramas there’s plenty more roles to be cast and stories to be told for all the leads.

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Aside from receiving advice, just watching him do his work was a huge help to me.

He’s the person who’s influenced my life the most this year.–How did he influence you specifically?

If I didn’t have Boss, I think my personality would have become really cold and harsh.–You seem to have put a lot of effort into your choreography. When I’m working as a solo artist, I feel so much more accomplishment and satisfaction.

Since Big Bang is a group, working together with the other members always comes first.-What if the type of music you want to do clashes with the type of music that’s popular with the people? (laughs) President Yang is always generous about that kind of thing because he knows that I do the best when I’m doing what I want to.

The crew who worked on the drama congratulated them, joking that another couple has been born from the set of a drama.

Via Daum ———————————– This makes me so very happy because I thought Nam Sang Mi and Lee Sang Yoon were an adorable couple on Life is Beautiful, the two actors displaying a charming, adorable chemistry that was believable enough they seemed like they weren’t acting at all.I’m so glad that these two are in a relationship and I wish them all the best. Lee Joon has signed on as the male lead and the two female leads will be Kim So Yeon and Jung So Min.I had been thinking of composing a little for a while now because if you contribute to the composition of the song, it helps you understand what type of voice and tone sound good with it.Teddy hyung suggested it so I took the opportunity. ▲It was like getting someone else’s sketch and colouring it in the way I wanted to.▲Before we started promoting in Japan, I spent just about every day with Teddy hyung.

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