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When lonely feminist lecturer Miranda Thornton is found dead after a video she submitted to a dating agency is viciously made public on a scurrilous website,the first conclusion is suicide.

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He is one of the interviewees on the BBC 2 series Grumpy Old Men, and he appears in a series of Kenco coffee advertisements in the United Kingdom in which he plays an African coffee plantation owner.

He regularly provides voice-overs for both BBC TV and radio.

A moment later, as DI Peterson approaches the table, the beer is again flat.

See more » I will deal with the ridiculous review that seemed to suggest that this episode was anti-internet, it wasn't.

The title refers not to the internet or those who use it but is a line from a Shakespearean play about love being a generation of vipers and that love can move people to rash actions.

Rather than simply base a review on an extremely biased interpretation of a few moments, why not try watching the whole episode, without an axe to grind?

Having found themselves on the website Lewis and Hathaway find that,contrary to claims,their principal suspects have known each other for two decades.

When Lewis is in the pub with Laura, and he brings their drinks to their table, his beer is flat. In all the shots of Lewis, with Laura's back to the camera, the beer has a head; in all the ones of Laura, with Lewis's back to the camera, it is flat.

We aim to facilitate every aspect of any housing deal as efficiently as possible.

Conducting property transactions in England’s northwest for a century, Entwistle Green have fine-tuned our customer service packages – while developing a comprehensive regional branch network.

Warrington portrayed the villainous founder of Time Lord society, Rassilon, in several Doctor Who audio plays, and also appeared as the President of an alternate universe Great Britain in the Doctor Who episode "Rise of the Cybermen" (2006).

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