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Jane's hottie blonde younger sister arrives in town and immediately hooks George the boss for her own (well, she isn't aware that sis loves him too).

Jane soon finds herself planning her sister's wedding to the man she loves - and meanwhile is being pursued by a guy (James Marsden) she met at a wedding who she hates because he "hates" weddings - what she doesn't know is that he is actually *the* writer who writes the wedding columns in her favorite section of the newspaper "Commitments" (she even keeps clippings of his articles, unaware he is the man she hates).

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I liked the orchestral score done by Philip Glass that helps keep the tension going here.

* 9/10 stars * Next up, The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008) - Fun fantasy following the story of young Jared and his twin brother Simon (both played by Freddie Highmore) who, along with their mom and older sister, move into a huge rundown mansion in the country where once lived their great Uncle Spiderwick and his daughter, the boys Aunt Lucinda (newly checked into a local "nut house" as Jared calls it).

Now the story is a battle between the ogre and his team of goblins who are trying to get into the house to get the book - and the kids inside, protected by a ring of salt and toadstools (I think) that encircles the house and can't be crossed by ogre or goblin.

I liked this a lot - good special effects, fun, light entertainment, and a nice orchestral score throughout.

My personal movie watching diary - started September 12, 2004.

I watch a movie almost every day, sometimes several - I wish I had more time to watch even more, I really could watch movies all day, every day.Both guys are in need of some big funds when their rich Uncle comes for a visit and agrees to help them out - for a price.He wants them to murder a man who is about to spill the beans on some sort of shady dealings Uncle has gotten up to in his business. This film was real good - exciting, edge-of-your-seat sort of stuff - very Hitchcock-like in style, I thought.I have not done a review for every movie I see, mostly just the ones I have not written up before.I enjoy watching films from all decades, from the beginnings of film to now.Jane, of course, loves weddings and dreams of her own - but 27 times a bridesmaid, never a bride, as they say - will it ever happen for Jane?

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