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I moved here from Miami to begin a graduate program at Duke, and one of my biggest concerns as a baby-gay moving to the South was whether or not I would be the only queer in town, floating haplessly along like lonely gay tumbleweed.And with good reason; queers are everywhere in Durham, busy being all kinds of awesome. The Bar hosts a range of events, including karaoke, darts, and this year’s Official Pride Afterparty.

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It also sells an energy drink called Pussy, so there’s that, too. The Pinhook is co-owned by Kym Register of the Midtown Dickens (a popular local band); while it isn’t a gay bar per se, it’s pretty damn queer.

They just held an event with The Butchies and Team Dresch for Pride weekend, and have all sorts of cool stuff going on, ranging from drag and burlesque shows to live music to weekly Harry Potter watchings.

(Awesome for its own reasons: it’s a great space but also has incredible retrospectives where it shows old sci-fi films as well as ’80s fantasy films).

The NCGLFF recently expanded this past year to ten glorious days of LGBT films, including , which featured a foul-mouthed Olympia Dukakis in a cowboy hat. I have never been to this, but I am fairly certain it is both super gay and a good time. ) To find out about LGBT events in the area, you can consult both The Triangle and Triangle Local Events.

There’s Toast (during Pride they sell little rainbow sugar cookies!

), and Whole Foods (621 Broad St), because where there is chicken-fried tofu, there be queers.

I have never been to Shooters, for example, or ridden the mechanical bull therein.) If you’re at Duke, the Duke LGBT Center is a phenomenally helpful place.

The Center hosts a number of discussion groups, including Women Loving Women (for queer-identified women) and Spectrum (for genderqueer, trans, or gender non-conforming students).

Bull Street Gourmet has excellent sandwiches; I was really impressed, though, by their willingness to explore vegetarian options.

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