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“Friends were coming to me with their crazy stories and their heartbreaks.

It started to be a big topic.” The spark to take her and her friends’ dating experiences as modern Orthodox Jews came after discovering marked one of the first major, modern television depictions of unwed Orthodox Jews.“It blew my mind that modern Orthodox Jews could exist in a TV show and be authentic,” said Gottfried.

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When Hodaya’s lovely, liberal, non-observant boyfriend comes to dinner, her friends joke with him, treating him as if, to put it in an American context, he believes in gun control and has just sat down for dinner in an NRA household.

Yifat, needing a break from the intense dating scene, moves out to a settlement.

On performs the magic trick of reviving the marriage plot, the narrative engine that powered everything from Shakespeare to Austen, but has lost much of its force now that marriage is no longer the only socially acceptable way to have sex.

It is no longer a one-time only proposition from which one can escape only at the risk of the condemnation of parents, community, and God.

When Hodaya becomes non-observant—has sex, stops keeping kosher, stops observing the Sabbath—she never quite feels a part of the secular world: She may have split with God, but her friends still understand things about her the non-religious can’t.

She’s still welcome at Shabbat dinner—even if no one will drink the wine she brings, because she brought it over in a Shabbat-breaking taxicab.Getting absolutely plastered at your last single friend’s wedding and weeping on the floor of the bathroom.All these snapshots of the modern singles experience are captured in the first season of the web series , the You Tube series follows six singles, navigating the religious dating scene of New York’s Upper West Side.Blind dates that crash and burn before your entrée even arrives.The cringe-inducing realization that your online date knows you’ve taken a profile embellishment too far.Walking in the desert, she and Amir see a man she thinks is an Arab, and fearfully sprint back home; he turns out to be a relative of one of her neighbors.

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