Dating vintage gucci purse

Emotions -wild,passionate,wicked,sexy,let's have fun vibe. It's a bold, loud and long fragrance, tucked into red laque pants that sit just above your pubic hair; sweaty hair that had been flattened before with a hair straightener, almost no eye brows.

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I know that a lot of people despise the bottle, I, on the contrary, admire it, I remember being fascinated by this packaging, it looked so futuristic.

I was used to, like most of us, to the pretty glass elegant bottles, this was not.

The intensive red bottle has the shape of a video cassette tape, a very unusual and modern design.

The fragrance is composed like a luscious exotic floral cocktail: Californian gardenia, South African freesia, jasmine and Turkish rose.

Patricia's father was the visionary responsible for developing Gucci beyond its Florentine roots and turning the company into a global luxury brand, opening its first store in Rome and then launching in New York in the 1950s.

His pioneering spirit led to a string of stores across the US and beyond, establishing Gucci and the Made in Italy brand like no other before him.

This red rectangle was bold, unique, different, original, fearless, strong, opinionated, rebellious, daring and so was the juice inside.

It said:"I don`t conform, I stand out from the crowd".

The faint and hip borrowing of that time today in fashion editorials and on the street is not even worth a mention here.

I could see Tom Fords ‘Tuscan Leather’ and its serious testosteron confidence giving this narcotic baby another rung into the underworld of your twisted, retrograde subconsciousness.

Only thing to dislike: If you spray it on clothes, the dry down might remind you of ‘Sunflowers‘ by Elizabeth Arden. The first time I smelt it was in vogue magazine at my friend's house in 1999. I had never smelled anything like it and this kicked off my obsession with perfume.

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